Convocation of decay final event

I hate this map. I consider myself a decent player, but this is ridiculous. You need to defend yourself in open space with a stinky puddle nearby, that restricts your movement and eats your stamina when specials can attack you from any side.
So you simply choosing the way you like to die: from the ambient trash while you killing specials, or from the specials when you fight off ambient trash. You stay together, and blightstormer or globadier will separate you, and at least someone will die. You have no line of sight on attacking special, and your teammates who have it, have no opportunity window because he is pressed down by horde or armor. One of the teammates falls - and you better forget about him, because you risking to loose someone else or be wiped out by simultaneous horde/armor/special onslaught.

Seriously, this event is WRONG. It demands from you to deal several actions simultaneously and solo: to fight with horde, to fight with armor, to kill specials, because everyone of your team will be tied off in the same way.


What difficulty are we talking?

The most hateful thing for me about this event is the flashy-flashy-bloomy-bloomy-look-I-can-do-shaders-too effect that you get when entering or leaving the circle or when one of the fat boiz explode that ducks the HDR filter loop down and makes you blind for a number of seconds.

As for the event itself, well, it’s hard cheese, mate - yeah your teams must be good to pull it off, but nothing particularly extraordinary is required IMO.


Legend. Also, I think it is the only one event that is demanding of personal skill from each player. And one weak link can cause the fall of all team.

You can actually change this in options to be nearly instant swap

Even the instant swap is still jarring, although it is better.

Maybe it’s just a bit of player education? We know it can be cheesed with noone being in the circle, so there must be some tactic I’m missing. Maybe it’s almost a case of being in the circle for a minimal time to get it to the next stage of the timer/sorcerers dying.

Get it to start, drop down. Once it gets to 1/3 everyone back in circle to trigger timer again, drop down, 2/3 full, same thing.

Someone who knows the code or can tell exactly what is required to trigger the timer continuing could help here probably. I think I’ve completed it more times by fluke because people die and we’re all down trying to res or avoid CW or Specials, and somehow it’s done. We’re all too busy staying alive at this point to care about the flaming timer and have no idea if it stops or doesn’t progress.

It’s solid on Champion but it’s brutal on Legend.

-You are confined to a small area.
-The enemy gets multiple area denial specials, Gas, Blight, Ratling, Flamer.
-The enemy gets lots of foes that are extremely punishing to fight in small areas (CW, many many SV).

It’s a perfect blend of pain. Any player that hasn’t literally mastered the game will die.

Considering the restrictive battlefield, I suggest the devs focus on just one type of punishing enemy (close range or area denial) and limit the spawns of the other one. Both at once is simply too much for the typical player. There’s no reason for a normal map to have a finale that’s harder then a Lord fight.

It counts down as long as anyone is in the circle. It regenerates if no one is in the circle. Every 1/3, a sorceror dies, and it won’t regenerate past that point anymore. Currently it’s exploitable because dead people count as being in it. Hopefully this is not fixed until the event is rebalanced.

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It’s just a puzzle because even once they’re dead and gone to Sigmars Embrace, it still counts down in the cheeze-mode.

Maybe having only one up on their own? Tank Classes? Everyone else drawing everything down?

Players just expect to fight the event the same way as before WoM, they stand at a pillar each or stack all 4 on a pillar. Nobody dares to drop or kite around to create space, lots of legend qp’s don’t know that it’s the same speed regardless of the amount of players or that the sorcerers act as checkpoints. They all try to fight in the little circle area, split off etc.


I’m with Mattie, people just need to accept/learn that they’ll have to jump off the platform when things get too rough, and that’s the key to succeeding in this map.


That’s what I’m on about, a couple of voice lines to say

“As long as one of us is up here it’ll kill em” and

“Can’t hang around if it gets too much! Drop down! no use to us if you’re dead!”

Educating the players on the new expectations needs to be part of the patch to buff the hell out of the event too. Players still think you need everyone up there for it to work.


Easiest way to do this event on Cataclysm public games with randoms is to use vertical movement. Enemies not only need more time to move down from platforms, they also count as completely staggered while crawling them up. The speed of the bar is independent from the number of players in the circle, so just one needs to be present up there.
This results in a lot of movement of all characters so that one is always up, but the one is constantly changing. Doing it this way the only real threat are disablers or in rare cases being ganged up. Majority of fighting should be done on the ground level. Pillars can be used for cover against gunners and warpfire throwers. Walking up the stairs gives you two possible ledges to drop in order to kill enemies. You just have to pay attention. Public cataclysm games usually do it this way and have good quota of success.

Oh, come on. There should be a minimum we can expect from players. There is no excessive need for hand holding. You don’t exactly need a PhD to notice that one player is enough to keep the event running. Actually everyone using the exploit should have realized this by now. Actually, you don’t need to educate them as you see that non-educated exploit knowledge is spreading like a virus too. After playing the map a few times and a bit observation people should have understood it.

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Do you play Legend QP? I meet people all the time that heal the Zealot up to full health. I played a game with obscene levels of FF damage from hagbane (800+ … Sienna going absolutely bananas down the mic) because they didn’t think it mattered that much. I meet Ranger Vets getting downed all the time using 1h Hammer, I meet Huntsman running Handgun and 2H hammer in Legend, and Shades running 2h sword.

While I agree that it’s not exactly difficult to figure out, lots of the community DO need to be yelled at through a megaphone before something penetrates their Orkishly thick skull.

[edit] @Adelion I’m not having a dig, I think you’re being very kind and favourable to the general level of Legend players.


If you think this is cause to yell at people I surely wouldn’t want to meet you in qp. I’m not saying this because of the fact that there are plenty of people who can easily use those setups, but because it’s terribly ignorant and toxic. Forcing people inte meta playstyles is terrible in itself. It might also be the case that the person is trying out a different setup than they usually run or is new to legend after mastering and playing champion for months (where the weapon combo may be fully functional).

If a person is running wonky setups and is yelling at people when *he goes down it may be called for, but that would also be the case if a person was running meta setups with such a behaviour.

I think the yelling through the megaphone was a metaphor because they don’t actually give you a megaphone. Anyway, if using a hammer to drive nails in is considered ‘meta’ as opposed to doing it with a microscope, then I concur.

Other than that, toxic is a very stretchy trendy word nowadays, let’s keep this civil - we all have a lot of tension as it is.

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This event received a huge nerf a few patches ago and I think it’s perfectly balanced now.

They were examples of where the community does NOT see what is obvious to more seasoned players, and was really a response to @Adelion that players will simply not spot what needs to be done because lots of them are in panic mode or simply trying to survive. And @OrsonMaxwell is right,the megaphone is a metaphor for large parts of the community needing to be led by the hand.

As it is, I’m pretty patient and let people play the game however they like and I don’t yell at anyone as my Mic is faulty and makes me sound like Norman Collier.


That’s good to hear but the examples you make and statements like this

… doesn’t do anyone any favours. For example, currently we have a lot of new players entering the champion and legend difficulties. Of course they are running around like headless chickens, they have the right to. When I entered legend difficulty I needed to be somewhat carried every single game to begin with, or end up with at least two above average teammates. If not, I’d keep failing the maps. I keep those memories in mind now as it may be frustrating to deal with new players but if the keep attacking the higher difficulties they will keep the player base alive.

I don’t know where you draw your conclusions from but it’s hard to ignore the current game population when discussing this topic.

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So you’re basically confirming what @Argonaut14 has said about being led by the hand, so what’s the problem? I know I needed that, I’m pretty sure Argonaut wasn’t born gud at VT2 himself. What’s intrinsically so wrong with being led by the had that it offends you if it is a norm?

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You have to differentiate between the two types described here. @Frequlectic has said he got to be somewhat carried by other players. So he himself and the community had risen up to the challenge and improved.
@Argonaut said it is the developers responsibility to educate players how to tackle a problem or even worse adjust events just because players are unwilling to move an inch from what they are used to.

There is a fundamental difference in the two approaches of “being led by the hand”. One is based on an intrinsic growth and communication of the community which in the end allows a broader spectrum of stuff being added to the game.
The other is an extrinsic “correction” from the outside just so it fits into the “norm” of the game which in the ends narrow what we can expect from future content.
So it is pretty obvious which one is the better approach. Let the community struggle if necessary and don’t nerf events “just” because they are harder than others. Chance is that the event itself is not that hard and the community needs just to adapt to it. The reason why this takes so long for Convocation of Decay is that the exploit allows you to circumvent the growth process which is why I advocate to remove the exploit. No longer than four weeks and the majority of the community knows what to do.


I think it’s been well long enough that if people were just going to adapt to it, they would. WoM came out what, like 7 or so months ago? Half a year is way long enough that if people were just going to figure it out and no longer have any issues, they would have by now.

Exploiting it happens, but it’s not every time or so common that people are unable to learn the event.

If people can’t adapt in as long as it’s been, I think it’s unreasonable to continue to blame the players for not adapting. Maybe it’s legitimately just too hard for them, and should be toned down a bit or at the very least the map should be rebalanced a little to not be so end heavy as far as difficulty goes.

I don’t really get the attitude some people have that’s so against nerfing stuff in legend tbh, it’s not removing the ability for people to challenge themselves at all. Cata exists, I assume pretty much everyone arguing seriously about how in line events are or not has access to cata, I don’t think legend being a bit more consistent should impact them much at all.