Issues with the Fort Brach Finale (Legend)

So, I was playing Fort Brach with a team of randos on Legend. A guy was trying to check off a challenge, so we ended up playing three times.

In every instance, we wiped at the same time : the ending terror event when you need to grab the last cannonball. In each case, we were unable to progress far enough along to get/return the ball. In two instances, we died enroute to the ball; once, we were able to get the ball half way back before wiping.

The constant onslaught of Berserkers, Elites, and specials was so intense, and they kept respawning with such frequency, that we were never able to make any progress in the last stage of the event. In one instance, 3/4 of our team (Unchained, BH, Merc, Shade) was killed and revived – two times. Despite our efforts to keep a very tight formation and manage the crowd , we could not gain a meaningful foothold.

I believe that we need more time between the elite/berserker waves; maybe only spawn those elite waves once, after the ball is grabbed?

For the record, the teams was generally competent. Up until this point, maybe one of us had been killed – this wasn’t a reckless or incompetent group of people. We even talked a little about strategy, so this wasn’t a silent -> dead team issue either.


I agree. Some final events are just too hard and chaotic. Like Fort or Screaming Bell (just to do two examples).

Convocation, horn of magnus, Hunger in the dark, Doomwheels in Engine of War, Bell, and to a far far far lesser extent, Festering Ground can be rather mean spirited. Engine of War is particularly bad because they’ll just drop plague monks directly on your forehead.

"I’m still having fun!" the Ranger Veteran says through clenched teeth.
Well. Engine of War is kind of fun despite that since it has the right amount of hecticness. Horn of Magnus just dropping like 6 chaos warriors in that tiny behind is rather mean spirited.


Just did an Engines of War on Legend. We made it, but seriously, that was a little too hard. Part of me thinks it’s the added beefiness to the slaves/hordes. It takes longer to cut through them, so you have less ability to focus on the specials. Also, the armored beastmen charging at you, mid horde, is much more dangerous that the storms/maulers.

I’m really trying to lean into a stagger build for sienna; I’m trying to appreciate the changes they’ve made, but I think they’ve leaned too far in the direction of buffing enemies at this point, such that some of the previously (balanced) elements really feel out of whack.

I have no statements about cataclysm as of yet.

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As usual it’s difficult to say whether the end terror events are too saturated with enemies because almost everything else is warping the judgement.

Almost constant rats, with various specials popping up left, right and centre, coupled with new stagger mechanic and Bugs galore on talents followed by changes to dodge and having to slowly carry the cannonball adds up to a pretty nasty experience.

I personally thing the end events are about right(maybe Convocation needs a little look at purely for the fact your working area is more restricted) from the point of view of just the enemies, but the Stagger, Dodge, Toughness of the specials, and more varied spawn positions makes it bloody awful.

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Huh, I had honestly been thinking that they were pretty good, one of the better parts of this update. I did Brachs the other day with bots - it was hectic but they actually held their own. I was playing Handmaiden, so being able to Dash probably helped with getting the last cannon ball.

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So, on one hand I like that the finale events are harder - they are thrilling and when you pull through it feels so good. On the other hand, it sometimes is just laughably ridiculous and over the top. I’ve had similar times on Fort Brack when it’s just a sea of enemies with no end in sight. If it was just that, it would be intense and managable. But then suddenly two war fire throwers show up and … oh goodie your guy with the handgun just got gutter runnered in a corer and now you all wipe.

When I think to all of the times I’ve wiped on the beta, most of it has been due to a horde event + a tide of specials that just can’t be dealt with quickly enough.

I don’t know about the solution. I think the bugs need to be worked out first. I don’t want to make the hordes weaker, because finally the hordes feel like a threat, on their own, instead of a THP sponge. Maybe we just need less specials spawning during horde events, or at the very least not back-to-back waves of specials during the same horde.

fort brach finale : 10 stormvermin + 6 or 7 monk + constant spawn or rats + specials .

U should see this unfold on Cata… its really similar I dont know the difference other than the enemies being tankier.

Screaming bell was changed? I didn’t fell like it at all.

Enginess wasnt changed at all, there is no new enemies in that event and spawn is same as it was. Or you mean ending event, then yes its a lot of fun right now :smiley: quite onslaught

Overall terror event made you teamfight instead of solo loling like always

:rofl: I don’t if you are trolling me or what… but, in Screaming Bell event, there are so many enemies that I drop at 15fps… the more you kill them the more they respawn. Before the game ran at 50/60fps.

Well dunno I did screaming bell and it was normal, maybe you took to long with objectives

I’ll have to say Screaming bell didn’t feel too different. Maybe a FatsoStormer or a Leech but nothing overboard.

Now Convocation of Decay however felt like then entire arsenal was being dragged from the warp directly to that 20 square feet of snot and given some kind of angry amphetamine at the same time. Really very tough for me on Legend.

@Perteks @Argonaut14 I have counted more or less 20 SVs at screen… and a lot of trash mob. Enough enemies to force my pc to drop at 15fps :rofl:… never happened before.

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