Fort Brachsenbrücke ending seems broken

Over 400 hours in the game. Love a challenge. Love the updates and the game feeling even more challenging.

However, I noticed that for some reason since the update I had never beat Fort Brachsenbrücke (legend). I had beat all the other maps several times but not this one. Over the last two days I have played it (with some really great random teammates) multiple times and made it my mission to beat it.

The entire map always goes very well. Then the end comes. The absolute onslaught seems almost impossible to overcome. Came close with one guy making a run for it only to be cut off and killed on his way out.

The amount of specials just seems absolutely insane.

Most people seem to try to rush the ending. One quote was “all we can do is rush the ending because it is broken.”.

Anyone else get the feeling it could be tweaked just a bit? I still want it to be very hard but 12 tries with 12 different teams and no win is not something that has ever happened to me on this game. All the losses are at the very end right between retrieving and firing the last cannon ball.

Thanks for any feedback. I fully understand some people have beaten it. Maybe using a different tactic or using mic’d up teammates. But in general it still feels cheap to me and unbalanced.


Last time I ran that map on Legend, we did win, but I think I had to res the entire team 3 or 4 times as handmaiden during the “retrieve the cannonball” section. Pretty extreme difficulty spike at that point in the finale.

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They said in the patch notes about fixing waves at the end. But I dunno… the zerkers and hordes just keep coming. They do not seem to end until that cannon ball is back. One solution is to have a HM with a purple pot waiting on the other side. So when the cannon ball spawns, she can grab it and dash over.


Shade can also do the same job except not as “dash-y”

Need a competent team for this, cata is not that much different from legend (except a few more elite and special spawns)

If you are in a cycle of rezzing team members in the courtyard pit area respawn it can cause a lot of trouble with enemy numbers inflating very quickly.

That finale has to be played like ONS events.
Circle or half-circle the entire fort, all 4 players together.

Yeah it’s still pretty dumb. Even moreso because even when you “win” by getting the last cannonball in and firing it, the onslaught doesn’t stop. I don’t like punishing a player during a time that should be relaxing. “Oh we just beat the event, whew. Now we can just relax and take our victory stroll over to the portal”. That’s how it used to be. Couple berserkers on the way, but nothing crazy.

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It is broken. Maybe if we make 10 more topics about it, Fatshark will finally listen. Garden of Morr has a similar issue too.

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I kinda like it.

I can understand that 1.6 events were a little bit too easy, but now we have the opposite problem.

Some events are still balanced and funny, but other ones are just broken. Not hard, broken. Not only Fort, but also Screaming Bell, Convocation of decay, Garden of Morr, Engines of War (the part with the explosive barrels), Skittergate (only when IA get crazy and it spawns only Monks)… bust the worst is Dark Omens.

Not only they are just too chaotic (you haven’t the “space to valorize your skill”) but also they are an innatural spike of difficoulty.

Thanks for all the feedback. Good to know I’m not alone. :slight_smile:

I can agree to this. And it’s a bit counter productive because losing at the end on an already long run because of an ‘unfair’ event can be a very negative experience


I have beat Fort Brachsenbrucke once since the update.

Played with some good teams tonight…get to the end and it just spams monk after monk after monk and loads you down with specials. You have to get lucky to get that cannonball to the end.

Almost made it tonight and got cut off by a gunner…No one could pause to shoot him due to the monk waves.

These teams are made up of guys who are in the 50+ weaves.

This is not a GitGud scenario. These are things that will stop people from playing.


Fort and convocation are now really crazy, doable but crazy and for most players imposible.
I have beaten both few times, but it requires a really good people. If you don’t plan in advance (and that is something pugs don’t do, so 90% of players) you need people who can quickly adapt, in chaos find a way to gathers quickly to atleast 2+2 and fight a way out of any problems. And that is something you see rarely nowdays. So yeah some missions are really harsh now. And would welcome even something like from +5s to +10s more time between spawn of waves. I think that would be enough space for us to deal with it.

Oh, so people cannot win these fights? Not even with the awesome shield-stagger-pushers? Why don’t they play as a team? How lame. /s :smile:

But seriously. Since most people never played ONS mod, they don’t really know how to handle these events now. You can’t have a static battle, you have to fight while you’re on the move and pugs don’t know how to do that.
That’s the main cause why people feel beastmen are overtuned too. They get up in your face and people want to fight them like they are skaven/chaos. That’s not gonna work tho.

In Convocation, where you don’t really have the space to control things, it’s only a problem because you have to give up the ritual progress until you exhaust the wave of armor the game throws at you after the first sorcerer explodes. You have to drop and circle until stuff is whittled down.

The only one that’s a real problem is Omens, the lack of variety in enemy types makes it bad. Also the minotaur tends to spawn quite untimely, so you rarely have the opportunity to burst it. In those cases you have to kite it around until the banners run out.

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