Fort Brachsenbrücke(legend) ending onslaught

Not sure whether this is a bug or a feature but the ending seems to spawn an unlimited amount of storm vermin and plague vermin. We managed to kill 40 as a party last time I tried it, seems pretty insane to me.


The events for Vermintide 2 were redone to make them a challenge. They are called “Terror Events” but they were really just terribly easy. This has resulted in some events being quite a daunting challenge for a number of players. Fort is probably one of the maps that has an event that is overtuned though.

The enemies that spawn for the event are similar in design to how hordes were reworked. Hordes can be sent with things like berserkers or armor(I don’t remember if that’s only for higher difficulties). Events like the Fort’s don’t have a specific number of enemies that will spawn like some maps do. (E.G. Righteous Stand). Instead, it continuously spawns enemies using set parameters. In this case, enemies like Storm Vermin, Specials, and Berserkers are in that cue so you will see them endlessly.

It’s also important to note:

so you may see things like:

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I understand that the events where reworked but the forts seems impossible to do(Every squad I join wipes on it), so I presumed it was bugged. Even still if it isn’t bugged and this is intended they should increase the time it takes for the berserkers to spawn its just silly.


Honestly, feels just like Cata and I genuinely love Fort’s event. The difficulty spike might not feel super appropriate story-wise, but given the context of the level it feels so right!

That level is also such a beautiful reality check of bad habits for Quick Play games, forcing teams to either move together or die abruptly.

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IME, every team that got wiped got wiped because it had 1-2 players who separated.

If you don’t know, each time you fire the cannon it triggers a wave of enemies (horde) to spawn. If you have someone firing the cannon three times in a row as fast as they can, you are essentially getting a triple horde spawning nearly all at once. fire the cannon and face the bulk of the horde with all four players. Then fire the cannon again.

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That doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

I’ve brought this up with videos before too. Since the wom patch I have been successful once out of at least a dozen attempts.

It’s caused me to put off checking bracksunbrucke for the legend spec frames. A difficulty spike like that should not occur. It’s not fun and even if it does feel like cataclysm, I picked legend so tone it down please. Wasting 20 minutes of game time to get overwhelmed at the end makes me opt not to play much more often.


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