Fort Finale

I know this was part of the patch notes before and the endless loop was fixed. I have yet to complete this mission since the 2.0 update, and wanted to provide video of another failed attempt. This starts when we needed to get the cannon ball. I don’t recall ever seeing specials in finale events before 2.0, and here we had quite a few.

Disclaimers: Ironbreaker is not my jam, just trying to finish off his legend levels. There is some vulgar language used. I just refreshed my comp and trying to get the hang of new editing software, I got tired of messing with it and trying to bleep myself.

Yea they really beefed up the events in 2.0 . I think it’s because they used to be so simple and easy before. Like the Fort map would send just clan rats and maybe some ambient storm vermin would come. The new events though are definitely intense. Fort and Convocation are particularly savage.


The way the higher difficulty is added will probably result in different tactics in being used.

Fort: Perhaps have 1 person on cannon, 1 defending and then 2 ranged near the ammo. Defender with shield or something like it. I haven’t yet found the most optimal way in completing it but I think the old way just doesn’t work anymore.

Convocation: As Handmaiden with a defensive build I stuck to the middle to channel the objective while the other 3 were down below staying together. Worked pretty well and I think we got through with all grims/tomes. Just had to be a bit careful against specials while staying in the middle alone.

Fort depends on where that cannon is. If it’s all the way in the back we need all of us. If it’s close enough I can grab it and then super leap with slayer and toss is so it lands squarely with the others, then make my way up.

Naturally things are different on Cata, where we just travel in a gigantic death ball

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