Fort Nurglepuke final event : an idea for more fun

So I was thinking, now that the final event of fort Bratthenuke has been nerfed, and that it became a bit boring and easy, it would be good to try something new there, right?
And so you know, I was looking at my skaven figurine army, and remembered that there are Plagueclaw Catapult in vermintide, during this final event… but they only ever deal 1 dammage.
So, wouldn’t it be fun if, let’s say, they actually were Plagueclaw Catapult, and were shooting, you know… gas? like, 6 Globadiers randomly shooting everywhere? … isn’t it?
please don’t shout at me, you know it would be hella fun. Awfully annoying, but fun.

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What this event really needs is carrying every cannonball to the cannon from more diverse, randomised locations across the fort, under constant pressure from specials and enemy waves.
As for the amount of enemies, it was nerfed WAY too much.


I hate that cannon ball carrying part though…


This section used to be so fun for clutch plays.

That area has so much space to survive masses of enemies. As long as they don’t spawn Disablers.


I think the idea of lobbing us with gas grenades (Yes, they have a know but I don’t recall it right now.) is certainly an interesting one. What I do think however is that in that case no specials should be spawned and perhaps a little fewer enemies, possibly no infantry (who will mindlessly die by the gas anyway) and a “only” a moderate ammount of elites representing the Pactsworn sending in more hard-hitting troops to storm the castle and finish off the garrison.

The reason I think such is that those gas grenades are mostly for area denying to the Ü5. Fighting off the Pactsworn with such restrictions to the space available to us could be an interesting challenge, similar to the dreaded/hated Convocation final if it is properly thought through and tested out to have the correct effect on the gameplay and balanced between enemies and enviromental factors (the gas grenades).

Otherwise I personally wouldn’t mind, in any future “defend the castle” mission final that we instead of getting new ammunition gets to fight off one or more waves of Pactsworn trying to storm the castle. Perhaps with cannons, pots of boiling oil/sand, falling stones, explosive barrels and whatever to help us take out groups foes coming in if we time it correctly.

Defending a fort or city walls against an attacking horde is a classic in fantasy literature so I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this in the future. :slight_smile:


Imagine this: in the last moments of the fort the U5 receives help to a group of about 40-50 imperial soldiers. Then everyone goes to the fortress to take positions on the walls. That’s when hundreds of skaven and fanatics storm the walls. I’m talking about massive waves, 300 or 400 enemies in an epic final assault.


Yeah I think there are a lot of nice or fun ways to rework this event, only problem is that it will require fs a lot of work soooo…

I would love to give that a try. With the current spawns its no challenge at all to hold the space infront of the cannon with just three players, even on cata. Having to move/toss all the Cannon Balls from different locations, which wouldnt need to be as far away, would be a nice way to buff the event.

Pick it up, Throw it, fight towards it, repeat. Getting pushed out of ones comfort zone is kind of the end events purpose.

The event like it is right now is nothing but a glorified waiting simulator. Minor to zero special spawns, only a hand full of elites after the initial defense part, and when its time to move the ball you can do it solo, since the map is pretty much empty with some slave rats toddling here and there.

The cannonball needs a better interaction hitbox or something. By chain-throwing it, you’re not defenseless and barely lose any time, it’s just annoying to pick the ball up again because it sometimes doesn’t let you pick it up if it has any rolling movement.