Fort Brachsenbrucke Finale

The finale is thematically awesome, but the gameplay isn’t. Just hordes of slave rats after you get in. Obviously it needs more, but I had a further thought that uses an in-game mechanic for a unique finale:

Whoever is rotating the cannon or carrying the cannon ball, works as if they have Taunt. After all, aren’t the Skaven going to desperately want to stop the cannon from firing? Stopping that should be their overriding goal. Players could keep taunt for a second or two after they stop doing the objective, or it switches if someone else starts doing it. Would be a unique finale, make doing the thing more than just holding E, and add a little more difficulty.


I like the idea of adding something extra to this finale. Even if it’s just the addition of a few elites and specials or even just bump up the trickle-feed of slaves to horde levels.

It would be great to focus more on holding the main gate as you shoot down the catapults.

It’d be a double whammy, I would love to see berserkers and stormvermin (or even bosses) charging across the bridge outside and below at gates which you’ve a overview of when firing the cannon.


I agree. I think my preferred solution is to toss a boss into the mix! A boss could force substantial adaptations (e.g. person firing cannon might need to bail out). The whole “run across the map and back to bring the last cannonball” thing I like quite a bit, but I don’t think it scales across difficulties well. If you’re new to the game it’s a daunting challenge because your movement skills are poor and you don’t know the routes, etc. If you’ve made it to legend you’re not going to have much trouble and will be using ults as well.

So I’d suggest that for this map the event change with difficulty, as it does with Fortunes of War. Maybe as soon as the first cannonball hits a boss gallops in to make things more interesting.

In passing I think they need to do something similar with many of the finales. The challenge of Righteous Stand (“hold out against trash, specials, and some elites”) is legit for newcomers but pretty tedious for veterans.

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Yeah, a boss would definitely spice things up - though it might be quite easy for one player to just kite it while the rest do the objective. If the boss aggroed on anyone trying to use the cannon, however . . . :smiley:

As a plus side, it might be a way to actually force Roger to use his jump, meaning more folks can get that challenge to kill him in mid-air!

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I think you’re right, but that’s already going to spice things up quite a bit. By knocking one player off of clear/carry ball duty it makes those tasks a little more challenging, even in cases where the team carefully applies the optimal strategy (vs. pure chaos breaking out in a pub group xD)

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