Tweaked Finales

Anyone else notice that some of the finales have been tweaked? In Righteous Stand, for example, they fixed the floor spawn hole where the slave rats would die instantly as they spawned.

In Fort Bracksenbrucke, it seemed there were more Stormvermin, and I saw Plague Monks during the finale itself.

Anyone else notice changes like this? I find it’s a welcome difference.

Yep, very welcome indeed! Character voice lines during the Skittergate finale were super awesome, and I really like the new transformation animation for the gatekeeper.

The Screaming Bell finale seemed better too, specifically the final run after destroying the bell - a lot more armor and some plague monks in there too, that part was more challenging than the rat ogre fight.

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Ah, yes, I did do that map as well and noticed that! There was more. Adding in Plague Monks in particular to these finales is a great stroke of twisted genius, since they can really destroy you - it makes the whole ‘survive long enough’ part require you to be on your toes.

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