Skittergate end event

You succeeded on tweaking the end event so well, that after we went through the gate, one of my teammates was instantly grabbed by a hook reaching out of the portal. one flamethrower came out as well, on the other side it had no clue, or visual. After this, another hook appeared at the gate, we were down at bossfight place. few seconds later a rattling popped out from air. end event began, the horde, what we left behind the norsca part arrived from top, with a bunch of SWs. a gasrat throwed globes from top as well, another rattling began to shoot what we could kill. we were overwhelmed in 4 seconds, end of round.

we had to deal with the specials and the horde what came in instead of dealing with the trash and the boss separately. but deathrattler just shoots shoots shoots, horde, gas, rattling plus the event’s trash and SWs nad monks. then rasknitt ranged all the time with gas, you cannot see whats in the cloud, and that cloud kills you much quicker than it kills a single rat.

btw I played 2 games today, both had so much specials like in seek deeds. wtf? 1 sackrat before the gate, other one right after it.

nice job guys, you showed again you are the best. is there any chance at all that you can make a patch which actually doesnt make the game more sh*t? because what happens since months is just unbelievable.

It’s so shameful that i didnt recorded the whole parade, it could earn the “Fatsharked” stamp on youtube. just a poor screenshot sadly

If this whole stuff what i wrote is actually a bug, or not I dont care but i truly lost all of my hope in you. we (a faithful 4) never experienced such a bullsh*t untill then. what you tweak lies in ruins.

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You have been “fatsharked”! I like it :)!

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