Not sure if Bug or Random

Hey guys. So I just recently purchased the game on my Xbox and PC since I have friends on both platforms.

I seriously can’t stop playing, I think I have maybe 40 hours the past 3 days but I was wondering what is up with the last level. Skittergate.

Is fighting Rasknitt random? I have probably played the map 20 times and 19 of the 20 times when Rasknitt shows up on the ledge the door blows up and everyone just rushes to the end. I have only fought him once when the door didn’t blow up.

I was surprised when it happened because I didn’t realize it was an actual boss fight when it happened. I actually thought he just showed up and then chaos ensues. Maybe as a later DLC fight.

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It should always be there, he is the last boss of this map. Well, and don’t be surprised if something doesn’t work as it should. You’ll probs discover later that your passive does nothing, or talent only works if you’re hosting etc.
Although i’ve never heard of raksnit fight just not being there at the end, and never saw it myself(PC), so that might be a new bug they implemented recently.

Does it happen on xbox? Thats the only conclusion i would get out of this, because i have never heard of a bug like this in the PC Version.

Yea, as far as I know. This bug does not exist on PC… And considering I get the skittergate map in quick play rotation 8/10 times, I’m sure I would have seen it. Lately though, on PC anyway, the final boss fight gets flooded with specials, hook rats, assassins, flame throwers and ratling gunners lol.

Oh, I thought that was intented.
My lovliest Skittergate bug is having permanent boss aggro with more or less steady gatlingfire without doing any damage to the boss because I am busy holding my head in cover and slay rats.

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That’s actually a good thing, position yourself behind the pillars and just kite the boss while your 3 team mates can all focus fire on it. Should make the boss even easier to kill XD

And because of that it is not on my most-hated-bugs list. :wink:
I also find it easier to do that fight with engaging rasknitt first as he is not that “teleporty and shooty” as long as his pet is alive.
And it can be kited very easily.

Yea, my parties normally try and get him down to 20-30% hp before we kill his mount. Normally keep the Elf with hagbane on his mount and the other 3 all go after him. They will both die right around the same time normally.

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