Skittergate Endboss fight - Specials / horde spawning

So I previously reported this bug:

It’s still happening and I think i know why.

I got into the habbit of using the barrels. When you go through the gate the first time and arrive in the north there are two barrels, one which is not far from the end of the ramp and one on the battlements/wall a bit further up. I grab the closest one and leave it at the base of the ramp and the second I grab and throw up the ledge where the skittergate activation switch is.

The aim is to use these barrels later in the level to assist. The battlements barrel is usually lost (although I have on occasion managed to get it through the gate) and the ramp one nearly always is grabbed and taken through meaning that at the end boss fight there are 2 extra barrels (if it’s gone well).

The bug seems to be triggered by one of these two barrels, which one causes the bug and if it’s the act of taking it through or use of them in different area’s than there were spawned i don’t know but EVERY time the bug happens I’ve done this. The couple of times recently that I’ve done skittergate I’ve purposfully stopped myself from doing it and had a normal end fight.

Hopefully this helps?

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I’ve added this to the internal report. :slight_smile:

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