Facespawn hordes/specials at skittergate preventing entry

So, this is apparently still in the game as I’ve had it happen again…
On skittergate when you’re about to pass through the gate, hordes and specials can spawn from the skittergate and either instantly obliterate anyone trying to pass in, or block the passage into the gate so you can’t get into the gate and escape, and get obliterated by the horde anyway.

How about making it so that once you enter the ramp, nothing can spawn anymore?

Here’s some picture proof of what ends up happening right at the gate. <.<

Pretty sure this has been reported before, but in either case it needs to be adressed cause it’s BS and there’s nothing you can do about it once it happens, you’re just dead.


We nearly got annihalted by that just now.
Also there was a Stormvermin on the other side, which instantly downed our BH.

I would like to add that we went through it without delay and as a group.

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