Skittergate rasknitt mob spawn bug


So just now i played a skittergate match and when the team got to the finale we quickly realized something was hella wrong. We had 3 stormvermin spawning every single enemy wave, sometimes with monks ontop as well. So when all 4 corners spawned at the same time as they do we got a total of 12 stormvermin and 12+ monks appearing at the same point.

Didnt take long to have the entire area overflowing with them, and it never stopped.

My only guess to as what triggered it would be our BH and GK demolishing Deathrattlers healthbar as they tend to do. That and our ranger using his handgun on rasknitt whenever he could.Both were losing health hella quickly in the start while i sat off in between 2 spawn points with a rapidly growing army despite my best efforts to disband it.

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