Patrol spawns in plain sight on Skittergate

This is early in the level before you go through the gate for the first time. I walked up to the edge of this ledge and the patrol instantly spawned and aggroed out of thin air.

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I had the same exact thing happen to me last month. Just like your pic, they spawn in hyperstacked. Because they’re all so close together, single bomb wipes nearly the entire group.

Can confirm, didn’t have any patrol bug recently, except on this first Skittergate part. Tho I was helping a new player friend, and we were in Veteran, so I almost felt bad for the poor patrol :confused:

This has been a thing since beta. Yesterday chaos patrol spawned on top of me in athel yenlui at the start. Always love a suprise attack.

Oh ? This has been mostly fixed for me. Except in this first Skittergate part x)

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