Patrols Spawn Infront/Inside of Players

As an example, we will be coming up on a patrol trigger. Instead of spawning far away so players get a warning, they will spawn literally in front of players, even inside of them if we are going quickly. I have noticed this happening multiple times, though it’s most prevalent at the beginning of War Camp at the second drop just before the bridge/ravine choice. If the game spawns a patrol, it will often spawn it to the right of the drop, effectively giving no way to avoid the patrol if you have already dropped before the game spawns it. Though I have also noticed it in other maps like the sewers of Convocation, where the patrol will spawn in a dead end while the player is near, again, giving no way to avoid the patrol and also no indication of a patrol even being there.


Can vouch for this. They’ve begun spawning silently and close to the party again. Also had a case where a patrol suddenly attacked without any provocation whatsoever. Last time i checked only player alive shouldn’t trigger aggro while well out of the pat’s path with only melee equipped.

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Yeah, I’ve had this a few times on War Camp at the first drop-down after the 1st tome. As soon as you drop a Chaos patrol materializes from thin air right on top of you.

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