Spawning out of air

Issue Summary:

Basically, this is a variation on my long standing issue with this game, the enemies appearing out of nowhere, e.g. turning 360 degrees in an open area with no-one in sight only to be backstabbed one second later. The reason why I’m reporting this is because I would like to know if this is how it is supposed to work in this game so that I can stop complaining if that is the case.

This particular incident happened on the upper level of plaza in the Screaming bell, near the entrance to the second grim. There were no enemies in the area for at least five seconds, no corpses, nada. I was moving forward with my guard down when a Skavenslave suddenly appeared in front of me, point blank, and hit me hard enough to kill me (I was wounded, but my temphealth was over 60%).

Additional Information:

PC, client.

Oh yea, it happens. The face spawning Chaos patrols are always a good laugh xD

Assume you’re talking about this happening?


No. One rat appeared literally out of nowhere, nothing above, as if the game forgot about it and then decided to return it into the game. The chaos patrol in your video spawned in front of you, but far enough and not hitting you at the very moment it appeared.

Oh, that’s in there as well. I meant the Zealot getting downed at time stamp 1:50. You can see a chaos unit magically poof into existence and back stab him.

Got it. I would still have some, albeit very minor, doubt about the zealot at 1:50 because I don’t see the full surroundings, but it’s likely the same.

This is not intentional. Should this occur again, it would be appreciated if you could screenshot the exact location this occurred in, as this really helps us in addressing the issue.

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