Enemies spawning directly around you

You said this was fixed. You said this multiple times over many patches. It’s still not fixed. Why?

Kindly get your sh*t together.


I agree… totally imprevedible damage taken.

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the only enemies that pop up out of thin air are those in the end-level events (like righteous stand cathedral, athel yenlui temple where specials just appear in the middle)

otherwise…haven’t heard enemies pop up behind me for a really really long time.

let’s have some videos if possible, otherwise, i’m inclined to say: please fight with your back to a wall.

Lucky for you then. They definitely do spawn within meters of players and it’s happened multiple times in this update of the game. GeForce experience has decided to stop opening for me so no easy Shadow play but I’ll look into sorting that.

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I have to agree that it still happens but not randomly. Being out of stuff to do i decided to do 50 runs of each map before moving on to see if i could find new tactics on each map etc.

Spending that amount of time on each map makes it easy to recognize spawn spots etc.
convocation of decay for example. At the end of the stairs after the decond grim is a spawn point where they will litterally spawn on top of you, around you and inside you. This effectively kills you 9/10 times as those enemies that spawn inside you can hit you through the block and since you can move bcs youre surrounded, well game over. Multiple spawn points on all maps thst doesnt take into occount whete players are located.

Yes, I found one such spot in the Blightreaper catacombs yesterday during an ambush. I mean, I understand what an ambush means, but the funny thing is that I’ve been looking in that corner a couple of seconds before a bunch of rats spawned there already flailing their weapons at me. And it is not like it is a hole in the ground which the rats emerge from - it was an empty corner of two stone walls.
But I also have on video an epic horde spawn in Convoc all around my character literally our of nowhere. I’ll upload them shortly.

If you want to help in reducing these incidents, take note where they happen (and if there’s any possible special conditions attached, like an ambush), grab a screenshot and make an actual bug report. That way the devs know exactly where to look, and don’t need to spend additional time trying to test and find the exact locations, and can move to fixing them a lot faster.


That is what I’m planning to do. Just didn’t have the time to edit/upload yet. So far I have a couple of incidents of plain-sight spawning during ambushes, but I’ll record some more games to see what else I can catch.

Sadly, it still happens in certain areas. Perfect example would be on Righteous Stand’s “arena” area. Specials literally spawn right out of thin air in the middle of the coliseum.

I had a moment wherein I looked in one direction where there were no enemies on sight, then then next thing I knew, a Hookrat suddenly spawned behind and grabbed me, pulling me to the horde lol.

you are talking about events. events are definitely known to be specifically scripted to spawn stuff, and if you play it long enough you actually know where to anticipate them popping up.

not defending it though, that’s terrible design for events. outside of events tho, there are places where ambushes and horde will spawn in front of your faces and you can continue to strike them as they appear. it’s not TOO common though.

I have also noticed this bug. It is unnacceptable. It should not be possible to see an enemy spawn from nothing.

I’ve had it happen as well. I’ll be walking along behind my teammates and a couple stormvermin will appear directly next to me. Not even waiting till I turn around, they appear in my view. This happened like a week and a half ago on xbox.

It’s not the players job to fix a broken game. I’ve listened to you speak on multiple topics and every time you speak, you offer some of the dumbest advice or suggestions in this forum. Please stop posting.


Maybe next time it happens on xbox I’ll record a video and sent it to support.

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This hasn’t happened to me for a very long time,… however - today on Athel at the location of the second tome running downhill 3 SV spawned within striking distance of me, and overheaded me into the floor. This might have been a problem with them not being rendered until they came into view by hey,I got a paddling for nothing.

Unfortunately I didn’t record it, but yesterday one of the CWs standing at the gateway (the vast field at the beginning of the map) on Empire in Flames disappeared on me! I fired a head shot at him, he got stunned, recovered and - pop! - disappeared! So it seems to work both ways.


Exact same thing happend to me too.

Had this happen at the same place very recently too, it was the CW to the right for me, the one closer to the hut. Shot him in the head, and into thin air he went!

I tried to take a video clip of it happening saturday night, but my Xbox live was out of space. I had gun and flame rats appear right in front of me in the direction I was looking.

Here’s a chaos warrior popping into existence around the poor quarter in Screaming Bell, by the first grimoire.

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