Enemies spawning out of thin air, 1m away from players

I can’t really provide more info. It’s happened at least 3 times in a map. Not that I think it’s relevant, but it was Empire in Flames.


Oh, that’s a regular occurence in my experience.

Sometimes roaming enemies (the ones already present in the environment) just vanish into thin air, when you approach them (as a client AND a host). Sometimes they reappear when you pass them. Sometimes they just vanish forever. That’s one possible cause.

Another possible one - the spawn manager being less smart than usual and spawning a horde in a spot it THINKS you can’t see, but it ends up being in plain sight. (Similar with the problem where Beastmen spawn right behind the corner you just checked and pile up like they are coming from a clown car)


Doesn’t make it less of a bug.
Occured to me today, I turned around and a small group of fanatics just spawned in my face.


The game seems to intentionally spawn one or two behind you when you have your ranged weapon out. I honestly don’t like it, you can clear enemies around you and have good awareness but the game still punishes you by forcing you to slap two nappy rats that just beamed in.

Saw it a lot on a recent Chaos Wastes run with our poor pyromancer, many times when she switched to her staff the game would spawn two enemies in behind her, right in front of the rest of the team’s eyes. They’d just materialise out of nowhere. I thought warp shenanigans were meant to be a 40k problem.

It didn’t happen when she had her melee out.

Hordes blinking in where you can see them and idle enemies winking in/out of existence seems to be a different issue, but it does seem to have become more prevalent again than what I recall.


I think that’s exactly what happened.

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Yeah, I am at least fairly certain the game is specifically programmed to do that - and always has been - although the spawns have been weirder lately again, sometimes I even had them pop into existence in front of me. I hadn’t seen that bug in a while. Enemies blinking in/out and weird horde spawns happen anyway, but having one or two stragglers burst into being right next to you only ever seems to happen when using a ranged weapon - sometimes immediately on switching from melee to ranged.

Even if the sound cues usually save me, it is annoying having to push or kill them to get a shot off when I already cleared the area around me, in fact it’s part of why I tend to stick to melee careers or at least hybrids - if you’re playing Saltz and in the thick of it you know how to clear space to snipe a special during hordes, it feels fair if enemies hit you there since it means you didn’t control them well enough or you were too slow or whatever (weird slides/latency notwithstanding) - the nappy rats beaming in point blank out of nowhere happen even if you play well and cleared some space. It just really ruins immersion and feels annoying. I’m constantly paranoid about sudden shank spawns when I have my ranged weapons out for long.

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Makes the game harder. Dont think its a bug.

I’ve also noticed the roaming enemies popping in and out. I’ve seen one, perhaps two instances of visible horde spawn and I think only in the chaos wastes. With the hordes it was a short distance away too but that could be an observation bias rather than a symptom.

It does, but it probably is as well. One thing is the game spawning additional enemies due to certain conditions (like it spawning disablers if a player is too far away from the others) but spawning enemies in your face is a whole other thing.
As @Drakonhammer said, spawning enemies out of thin air, in an area you’ve just cleared is unfair and it doesn’t promote better play.


Dude in this Game are so many things which look like a bug at first view. Silent Patrols, backwards jumping assas, stealth-Sorcs which soak after a millisec after spawning, “Shadow hits”, strange damage distribution when ure downed etc. etc. I call these things features… And am sure that they arent (all) bugs. They are wanted, make it unpredictable and keep the Players in game. Because without them it would be too easy at some point.

Hmm and yeah they dont feel “fair” at first. But on the others side the game has other “Features” which lets you make cool/normally impossible moves and look like Hero of the day. Just play it, ignore stats and enjoy… this Game can be great fun! And dont be greedy! :wink:

Shadow hits and other jank are so jarring in a game that otherwise does melee combat so well. And speaking based on my friends who used to play VT2, some of the ones who have quit come back now and again, then when they see all these things and other weirdness still in the game (or reintroduced at some point) they quit again, not buying Fatshark’s new dlcs. I don’t think any of it is healthy for the game’s longevity nor will it instill confidence in potential players if they are problems present in Darktide too.

You can up the game difficulty without adding bug-like jankiness. I love this game, the combat is great, but the jank sometimes makes me want to quit too - in fact I quit for a long time after WoM launch and didn’t come back until Chaos Wastes. Most friends I know who played pre-WoM haven’t come back at all despite me trying to convince them to give Chaos Wastes a go and most of them expect Darktide to be a bugged mess with little/slow content updates and fixes.


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