Enemies appear right around oneself

Issue Summary:
Enemies spawn right next to you. In plain sight or worse, behind you.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Unclear, sometimes it might be I just overlook enemies. I’d say 10%.

Encountered it here for example:

console-2019-05-11-06.20.11-3c9e2c7b-c153-4f7f-b709-48eee14a8ccc.log (1.5 MB)

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Yup, this happens A LOT now. Never really noticed it before. I’m on PS4.

There’s set spawn points for hordes, normally up on a hill or somewhere you can’t actually get. But some maps have them just behind pillars, or in the case of that annoying Elf Ruins map, right behind trees. You can actually dash past a horde and find the exact spot their spawning. This allows you to kill them as they warp into existence on certain maps.

Unless you’re talking about the ambient mobs spawning? For some reason, lately, they’ve been popping in and out of existence. You fire off a shot with your bow, hit the SV, but by the time you line up the 2nd shot, he’s already despawned… Happens with them just randomly appearing as well, with a SV or mauler just appearing in front(Or worse behind you) with an overhead already charged and smacking you.

That thing when they spawn just around a corner is pretty amusing at times, sometimes i´ve seen them stop and start spawning elsewhere right away when i run forward too.

Specials spawning with their attacks already charged up is not so funny though, once had a gattling rat spawn and shoot 3 guys of a edge instantly.

packmaster who does a instant grab, or the stormer seemingly standing miles away casting.

And i´ve seen elites some distance away just vanishing too, feels like a bug but its hard to figure if there is any pattern to it…as for charging CW´s and maulers i think i´ve been lucky and havent seen any.

Have had normal mobs do it though, which for a squishy is sufficiently painful x)

That spawn director thing is a bit weird at times.

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