Enemies sometimes spawn behind or next to players

At times, any enemy can spawn next to or behind you on a map. Any enemy. Grunts, elites, monsters and even patrols.
I’ve recorded most instances of this issue I encountered, though I did neglect to save a recording of a chaos patrol spawning behind me in the beginning of Athel Yenlui (Which isn’t the first time).
Reproducing exact results is nearly impossible due to the randomness of enemy spawns.

Please look at the given videos and address this issue to the best of your abilities. Thank you.

Youtube playlist of the 6 videos
Mauler spawn on Festering Ground
Ratling spawn on Engines of War
Rat ogre spawn on The Pit
Marauder spawn on Enchanter’s Lair
Marauder spawn on Hunger in the dark
Beastmen horde spawn on Athel Yenlui


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