Patch 4.6 or one of the patch hotfixes that released after it broke enemy spawns

Im not sure if it was patch 4.6 itself or one of the hotfixes patches that released later but now i constantly multiple times per game get enemies that spawn around me so close to me that they have already played their animation to hit me or they actually spawn inside me and do the same thing, always with no sound. I have also seen the same thing happen with specials but very rarely.

I will give 2 examples because i dont want to be typing for hours. I had a chaos warrior spawn partly inside my body and instantly hit me with no sound as i was move teching with my weapons and on another map i had 2 SV, 4 trash enemies and 1 mauler spawn right behind me with no sound and instantly down and kill me when nothing was in the area.

Almost 5 years and the game is still in a beta state as far as im concerned. Im genuinely angry about how much this bug has been messing up the games im in.

I haven’t had anything so severe, but I often (and again lately) see enemies spawn out of thin air very close to me.
I seem to remember the game spawns a couple of enemies (closely) behind you whenever you have a ranged weapon equipped. Frankly I’d be happy to see this “feature” go, it makes it very annoying to play engineer or similar classes. I’m ok with expecting enemies to go for my back from time to time, but not with knowing they will because I drew a ranged weapon and the game is spawning them precisely for that reason.

EDIT: you don’t have to entirely remove it, you can even make them into a small wave, but it has to be more erratic, and they have to spawn way back.

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