Enemies spawning too close and quietly

Note that these issues happen but not at a 100% rate. Things work right more than they work wrong.
This was posted as of patch 2.0.8 .

It’s been reported before so it’s probably pretty known, but there are too many times that enemies spawn really close and silently. This has been happening for a bit and still does happen. It also seems to happen more with deeds/twitch than it does the base game. Examples would be:

  • Spawning a stacked horde right around a corner. Like, 5 feet from the player.
  • Spawning a stacked horde right below or above a cliff edge. Again, right next to the player. I understand it spawns them stacked at times because there are tiny spawn areas in the game where enemies are designed to flow out of. However, the game sometimes is spawning these enemies right next to players instead of further away.
  • No horde music playing to signal a horde.
  • Horde or enemy reaching the player before any audio signal is heard, if one even plays at all. This is really bad at the moment for things like Cataclysm where it spawns many specials and in rapid succession.
  • I had a Warpfire Thrower spawn right around a corner before(maybe 3 feet away), he came around, I killed him, and then it played his spawning audio a second after. “Scream-suffer surface dwellers!”
  • Packmasters not having any audio until they’re reaching to hook you.
  • Assassins not having their “attack/leap” audio when they lunge at a player.
  • Leeches being nearly silent when they teleport by you. Or in you(rare).

The main issues are audio and enemies being spawned too close to players.


Have experienced all that recently as well.
Would also like to add that at times backstab sounds are still missing after the last update.

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