Cata spawns are buggy again

  • Enemies spawning within line of sight of players
  • Enemies spawning within 10ft of players
  • Specials spawning with no sounds
  • Packmasters spawning in Hordes and insta grabbing with no sound
  • Gutter Runners spam spawning, and spawning and insta leaping, I killed 3 in a row and had another one spawn right as each one died. The death/spawn sounds overlapped lol
  • Gunners/Gas/Flamers (scripted spawns to delay?) spawning directly in front of players at weird times, and then throwing at doorways or paths forwards

Not just cata, happening on all diffs, more noticeable in legend and cata though. Just had a morning of magic swinging bum spawners and silent backstabbers again.

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