Additional issues with Packmasters and other problems

Issue Summary: Packmasters seem to be able to spawn right in front of you with no sound. I thought I had been unlucky, but I had two spawn at once right in front of me during a rat horde, one spawned around a corner right in front of me and another spawn in front of me in a rat horde again.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Unusual (< 25%)
Happened three times within a day.

Additional Information:

  1. They may also not be giving off sound as they spawn (unless it’s intentionally delayed).

  2. I also saw two berserker spawn right behind someone.

  3. Sometimes only certain people hear Gutter Runner spawns

  4. Wooshes for backstabs sometimes don’t happen/happen way too late

  5. Getting random aggro noises spammed when nothing is near or fighting us

Same here. Stealth berserks spawn out of thin air on warcamp

Funny for me it seems like the gun teams are the ones that just keep spawning right infront of me.

Twitch bosses actually spawn directly on top of one players hitbox already attacking. Reeee

As for normal game-play, I’ve had the double leeches and packmasters inside of each other. So you shoot and kill one, think you got it, meanwhile, the 2nd one who is ghosting inside of the first grabs you.

Facespawning patrols also have become very prominent, all spawning in the same spot and being aggro’d already. In general, enemies spawning directly next to you has noticably increased. It has now happened more than once that I walk down a completely cleared area with no enemy in sight, neither in front of me nor behind me, and suddelny, boom, running attack in the back from a rat that couldn’t have come from anywhere other than spawning in my back pocket. Also seen that happen multiple times, people getting downed by a clanrat that spawns directly behind them with the running attack animation already playing.

I also had a massive heap of monks just appear out of the blue, like i saw 2 standing around, took a look around and saw that they were alone, killed one and was about to kill the other then suddenly 5 are just ontop me and killed near instantly.

No sound or any warning, just suddenly 5 of them all over me.

Scared the daylights outa me.

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