Beastmen spawn

I have found myself standing in corners suddenly being hit from behind by a group of beastmen that just spawned more times than I can remember. I have also seen them spawn/pop up out of nowhere in extremely close proximity to other players as well.

regarding attacks I’m not sure where the issue is but it seems once they have decided to hit you they will, even though they are way out of reach. This happens so often I’ll flat down disconnect whenever I see beastmen are going to be a part of the run.

I can’t give out any more info as there is nothing in particular that stands.
Im the host
Happens with every charater
Happens on every map.

  • host aggro is still an annoying issue
  • enemies spawn close to the host, sometimes ignoring that other players are there
  • enemies still spawn like 4ft behind players for no reason
  • pack masters spawn really close to people

On host aggro, it’s quite telling that if I’m host, enemies will hit through other people or go around them to get to me. Berserkers, Bosses and Chaos Warriors especially, will ignore other people and just tunnel the host or the host’s bot. Bosses will usually always start on the host.

When I play as host, I’ve had Gutter Runners rolling around inside my team while I hide. We’re on voice and I said ‘lets try not killing the two Gutter Runners’. I hid behind a stick of wood, and they just rolled around within melee range of 3 people, not switching or vanishing. I now tell people to aim at me if disablers come.

You also get issues such as huge bulks of enemies ignoring off-host players, and high Elite density running through players, getting them stuck.

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Just out of curiosity, do you only experience this with the Beastmen?
In my experience all enemies do this. Anything from slave rats to maulers will spawn out of nowhere right behind players.

I do experience it with rats as well but not on the same scale. In my experience, 2000 hours, it happens maybe once every 4-5 game with rats and I can kind of tell due to the animation when it’s going to happen and in those cases i just block. Strafing doesn’t work against this so block is the only option in my exp. So I kan kind of look the other way with the rats but beastmen however is just 100% bugged 100% of the time. Which is why I don’t even bother when they show up.

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