Common complaint - Fix spawning near players

Today I was playing and had a stack of Beastmen spawn about a foot away from my character. Took me by surprise and downed me instantly. Not very fun. I’m sure you’re aware that this is an issue, but whether or you’re planning to do anything to change it is an unknown to me.

If possible, it would definitely be nice if this was fixed.


Its bit lame when you do 360 degree scout then something hits you 0.5 seconds later from area you just checked. Even worst some of those mobs start their attack animation even during their spawn process, so you will now and there encounter disablers which instant grab you on spawn. Spawning near players not geting along with one shot policy on Cata difficulty and high weaves. Im pretty sure that there is way to keep game hard, challanging and worth playing without: mobs spawn over people head, and without one shot policy, sort this, buff monsters by other way.


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