Can you stop spawning enemies 3 feet from players just because we aren't looking?

It’s bad enough there isn’t audio half the time or audio plays late so it doesn’t matter that it played at all. Just stop this. “Oh a player isn’t looking! Let’s just spawn them right behind them!”


Indeed, I almost cannot remember the last time I got killed by something that wasn’t some bug.

My first meeting with CW was jumping down a ledge, only to have around 20+ skavens spawn in a circle around me, hitting me simultaneously. Truly a fantastic feature


I don’t understand why they can’t just implement a no spawn zone with a set radius around the players. I guess it might be exploitable in a few instances, but surely that’s preferable to this spawn right next to you absolute jank.


Ah, yes, my favourite “you get into an empty room you just checked and suddenly some stuff spawns literally behind you”. Never happened before, never been reported, hence cannot be fixed.
At this point I’m considering this as a bs feature of the game to make it artificially harder.


Maybe you just failed the perception check :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I still remember a Convo run in the early days of WoM. I checked one of the patient cells right at the start of the map for supplies. it was completely empty so I turned around, or better said was in the process of turning around when we got the sound cue for a beastmen horde. 20 gors bumrushed out of that cell and pancaked me. :pancakes:


That’s an ambush spawner, isn’it it? That’s not the occasional single strawler behind you. Chaos Wastes have lots of locations like this because of how the maps sections get stitched together during ‘world gen’.

I failed it when I was playing with 60 FOV. Currently with 120 FOV it becomes really evident. Also I’ll advice you to try out 3rd person mode. It gets so obvious with it :slight_smile:

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No need, I’ve seen it happen countless times when playing with friends.

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The problem with the map design in Vermintide 2 is the lack of dedicated zones for spawning in new mobs, so the AI director will spawn them right in the playable area, where they can spawn in front or behind you.

Also, sometimes a player moves too quickly and the AI director lags behind, and will spawn roaming enemies late which is probably what happened here. Both problems need to be addressed. When new enemies are spawned they should spawn a safe distance from the player and give the player ample warning that new enemies have spawned in.

Just block lol

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