Enemies behind you spawn very close

The enemy behind player can spawn 0-5 m. In the field of view of other players. In the game, it looks like this: you made sure that it was safe behind you, turned away, got stabbed in the back. Your teammates see how the enemy spawns behind you and immediately hits you. When spawning the enemy, the distance between the players and the spawn point and the direction of view should be checked: behind dist > 10-15m, in front dist > 20-30m. Use a raycast or something to make sure the spawn point isn’t obstructed. If you write the code correctly, these checks will not affect performance but will greatly improve the gaming experience

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Fatshark is never going to fix this, or any of the myriad of bugs that have plagued this game since the beginning. Their “coders” are either completely incompetent, or just don’t give a f*ck.

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I wonder if this might be a limitation of the game engine or something. Also, it seems odd spawns happen more to me when connectivity is bad.

There are times when I’ll charge up to the next corner and literally see part of the horde spawn right before my eyes. Other times, the instant a hook or assassin spawns, it rounds a corner or hops over a wall and is ready to grab me within 1 second of spawning. It’s sometimes impossible to avoid if you’re trying to deal with a horde and 4 chaos warriors at the same time while getting backed into a corner.

This should not be a limitation of the engine, the logic I described should be pretty easy to add to the spawnpoint code. Most likely it has already been implemented, just sometimes there are bugs. About the bad connection, the ping between me and my friends is less than 30 and i host.

a minimum spawn distance was discussed many times, in many threads, they should be aware that this is happening but don’t want or can’t add it for some obscure reason

Then it’s strange that this hasn’t been fixed yet. I think the player should never see enemies spawn, it kills immersion.

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