Spontaneous enemy groups spawn very close behind team

No necessary step to reproduce it: could be during the horde, while you’re moving through the map when you obviously know that there are no enemies behind you.

Consistently: absolutely positive in every map in every game regardless of being a host or not. Consistently a standard bearer with several ungors of varying types (spears and archers).

Screenshot: none needed because this happens anyways in-game during winds of magic.


Hey UndyingArmy,

Thanks for the report and sorry about this frustrating issue.

If possible, could you pinpoint any particular areas or spots in each map where this tends to happen? There is a possibility that these spawns are location based - if that is the case then they will be far easier to fix if we know where they happen.

Thank you and we apologise again for the inconvenience.


I think this might be related to beastmen hordes show up very close to players sometimes (e.g. dropping down from a cliff). They spawn close and 20+ gors (mainly) drop down pretty much as a single unit. It makes for a very large chunk of enemies that show up simultaneously and without much warning.

If you compare it to the skaven hordes they spawn in waves and begin spawning out of sight, at least for the most part, while attacking/reaching the players as a wave.

Beastmen ambushes on the other hand seem harsh with the accompanying beastigors but they spawn similar to skaven and reach the players in smaller groups.

I’m not sure this is the best way to put it into words but I have been discussing beastman horde spawns quite a lot while playing the game and they sure do stick out.

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Any sound!

I’ve had this happen yesterday on Athel Yenlui near the beginning. Map starts and we go down the hill on the right. We get to the hollow log that overhangs a cliff and when I drop down an entire Stormvermin patrol spawns in front of us out of no where and agros on us.

I think the sound issue mainly come from them dropping in close vicinity to the players. They don’t really cause sound cues until they start attacking (backstab notification). This is mainly an issue because they drop down in such large chunks, without any spacing between them.

Berserkers cause a similar issue (especially plague monks) albeit a bit worse, in my opinion. They tend to drop down or sneak up on you without sound cues. When they do attack they do a running attack (chained) and by the time you get a backstab notification you’re already really low on health or downed (depending on previous HP status).

This is something different that used to happen quite a lot a couple of months ago. Silent or face-spawning patrols (and occasionally bosses and specials). It’s still very common in current pre-WoM live when playing twitch mode. Specials and bosses facespawn (but behind your back) relatively often, at least if you’re hosting the game.

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I have a clip from last saturday, the elf was fighting in the mountains behind us so not that far apart.
maybe it helps, good luck.

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Wargor is a special, and he spawns following the usual specials protocols: i.e — he can spawn behind you. He also always spawns with his retinue, usually mix of gors and ungors. I totally agree that it’s kinda unfair that a whole freaking group of enemies can spawn behind you, but there’s your explanation.

The game treats any point on the map a spawning point that is not in the FoV of a player.
You can stand next to a wall of a broken house and they will spawn behind said wall like 1 step away from you and round the corner already in running attack.
This is especially bad during ambushes.
Yes, I know, ambushes are supposed to spawn enemies all around you, but why do you have skaven holes in the map when they spawn in places just because I’m not looking there at the moment the ambush triggers.
In V1 this was working very good, you actually knew where the ambusher are going to come from, but here, right now they just can spawn behind you because you happened to look in the other direction.

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