1: Still spawning ontop, inside, just beside and generelly everywhere they want.
2: Can’t stagger them. every few times i can’t seem to stagger them and the following attack animation of theirs seems a lot faster than normal. Completely impossible to strafe or block said attack.

I’m not hating on anything but the beastmen but MY GOD i hate them! not because they are tough or hard to deal with but because they are so ultra bugged that even with aimbot, godmode, invisibility and everything else in between, youll still get hit. It completely ruins the game for me.

Whenever I see beastmen in the game I instantly quit. Just like that. QUIT. I don’t care if im the host or if we’re 99% of the way though a mission - ill quit. every. single. time.

Please fix them or at least remove them from the game until you have done so.

ps. If I had three wishes from a lamp genie one would be used to remove the beastmen. just saying

That rings true.

I don’t seem to have this issue. Got vids to show?

Are you playing in EU region? I sure hope we never get matched together - I hate divas and quitters with a passion. If you despise the game so much - just quit it entirely, stop wasting other people’s time by quitting as a host - that alone should be bannable IMHO.
Just saying.


If you own winds of magic dlc you could host and untick the dlc to not get them. Pls don’t quit as host

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I may have found the problem about that, and i can’t figure out why it dawned on my this late (saw it last week, had not yet come around testing and reporting it). I just saw it happening while specifically focussing on the attacking Gor.
I will do the full report in a different post so it won’t get buried as just a comment, and because it’s a bit more descriptive and in depth.

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I myself can stagger them but their unit mass (aka the thing that limits cleave) and their attackrange&speed is just so high that when dealing with a group of these fellows and you hit 3 outa 4 then that last guy will instantly attack and possibly from outside your range as well.

You push a few? I might be wrong but pushing like attacking has diminishing effects on larger groups so some will recover and attack faster than the rest…Beastmen just tend to do this well but some skaven also have quick attacks albeit at much shorter range for the most part which makes it less noticeable.

Well it feels kinda bad to deal with in either case, beastmen mobs just feel much harder to deal with relative to skaven and the rothelm gang just because of their overall higher specs.

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