The beastmen

Just a quick one:

Can we please have beastmen be removed/altered?
Not a huge fan of them (attacks to fast, to high mass and dont get me started on sniper archers)
This is coming from thousends of hours playing the game.

If there now a staple for the few hundred perhaps thousend that still play it (me being one) can there appearance be limited? They ruin the flow of the game, and there horde volume when they spawn/attack is far to loud!

would make more sence just to see them on forest maps. I miss the times where i could play the maps and just fight chaos and ratmen… was so much fun back before WOM.

Got used to the combat changes now, just the beastmen… uch not enjoyable.


I agree that they arent really enjoyable to deal with right now.

There seems to be some bugs floating about from what i heard, and in my personal experience they are just waaaay too strong compared to the skaven or rotblood factions.

Like seriously, 90% of my max (grim cursed) HP in a single hit from a normal gor? The type that comes in 20 at a time?

Fine if a bestigor downs me with a halberd smack to the head, i deserve that, but having the ordinary ones do so much when so abundantly present feels pretty terrible to deal with.

Especially on a damn quick attack with almost 0 warning or windup to tell me its happening! From a guy i was hitting while he just refused to get staggered!

So indeed, not very amused with them right now although i do sincerely believe the variety the beastmen helps bring to the game could do a lot of good they are presently too much.

I feel less nervous about dealing with 5 chaos warriors than i do 5-10 Gors ._.

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You can deselect the WoM item via the steam dlc option (where all the dlcs are listed). This will remove beastmen but also weaves for you. You will keep the weapons.
Then you can play to your liking with just the old factions and safely wait for FS to tune the game/faction.

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It also removes Cataclysm difficulty, if i’m not wrong.


I agree. They are bad balanced because with them we have Legend+ and Cata+… but mostly I find them very boring to fight.

Except when they are totally silent and don’t trigger backstab sounds, those are bs.

Except if you do quickplay and anyone else has beastmen, they can still spawn.

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Not if you host. But I understand that hosting isn’t an option for everyone.

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