Barely any Beastmen now?

I know they’ve been tweaked on certain maps, but we never seem to get a full Beastman section or see very many of them ever. We haven’t had a Minotaur other than on Dark Omens.

For me this is a problem, because everything dies so quickly. Rats are way too easily dealt with, and getting more of them has just allowed us to hold W through the entirity of some maps.

This and the popularity of the new Elite-deleter vs Chaos Warriors and Bosses has kind of made Cata feel too easy.

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Yes, is strange very few beastmen now


People hate beastmen with great passion, so I think it’s a natural consequense.


Opinions, sure, but I love how (now) Beastmen work.

Finally they don’t spawn in “city” maps (and imho they should not spawn in a couple of other maps)… while, in “woods” maps, they are present like Chaos and Skaven… sometimes even more numerous.

Moreover I don’t think that Cataclysm is too easy (let’s not forget that the great majority of players play Veteran/Champ… and, even among Cata ones, I find a lot of players unable to handle that difficulty)… and for those few veteran players who find it boring, there are mods like C3O, deeds (wich should be reworked) and Twitch.

GK fits perfectly as CWs/bosses deleter… since, compared with the other two Krub’s crowd control careers, he gives up much survivability and toughness.

I also really like Skaven… sure, they die quickly… this is their great disadvantage… but it’s fair, since every faction should have pro and cons. Indeed Skaven are the most numerous faction with fast attacks, etc etc

But I repeat: just my personal opinion/experience… I’m not writing this in order to say “you are wrong”.

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Can’t say people hate beastmen… they are just poorly implemented, animations are weird and dmg timings do not fit those, they have no real specials and are overall just a kinda half-baked faction. And since they are part of an already outdated DLC that is probably not interesting anymore from a financial point of view it’s easier to tune beastmen down and let it all hang out. Not sure if FS has any plans on reworking the beastmen some day but expect them to stay like this for the next… 2-3 years… atleast.

FatShark treats this game like a guinea pig owner who lets his animals sire offspring all day long but never cleans out the cage. There is always new sh!t coming in but the existing one is never cleaned out.


that’s…quite the analogy

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I tried my best :sweat_smile:


Yup. Beastmen are basically completely removed from the game because people cried enough about it. And each patch they’re removed a little bit more.

Gonna end up with Beastmen only having a chance to spawn in Athel Yenlui, and only at a 1% spawn chance, at the rate we’re going.
'Tis honestly heartbreaking, it’s legit the biggest point of the entire DLC, it’s the one feature that got a full trailer dedicated entirely to it: Beastmen. The new enemy faction to fight.

And people just kept crying that they should be removed from the game and finally, they were.


I hope there is a chance they polish them up after some time.

Add Brey Shamans, maybe some other specials (so they have at least 2 or 3), and an actual Lord. Even a “big bestigor” could serve (Look at Skarrik the Stormvermin and Bodvarr&Naglfhar the Chaos Warrior Twins).

Also, maybe make it less attached to the Weaves.


Guess i am the unlucky one then to face them nearly every single time they are available in a map. Especially on both of the bogenhafen maps they seem to spawn nearly 99% of the time for me.

If they had specials, I would really enjoy seeing more of them. They just feel incomplete.


Both Cataclysm and Skaven are in a good spot.

I would like even less Beastmen… there still are certain maps where they seem out of place.

I disagree, especially now that GK, with the Crit build, is in the game.

WHC with the CDR build and GK together and seperately make rat Hordes a meme.

At least the bigger health pools of Beastmen stopped the feeling of one-shotting an entire Horde.

I gues they have fought enough

for their right

to partéeeeee!

Well, I’ve just had Garden of Morr filled with beastmen exclusively.
There are still too many of them, thank you.

To be honest, I’d like them to disappear, or at least have a reduced presence, on some other maps where their presence doesn’t make a lot of sense.
I kinda like fighting them, but it’s a bit jarring. And, aside from the maps where they are now removed, when playing (cata at least) I still find loads of them. Expecially in the Ubersreik maps, I still get runs where 90% of the map is made of beastmen. It gets a bit annoying. I think with their punch and their limited roster of units they work best when employed sparsely, like that old haunts section. You know you’ll get hit hard for a while, but it doesn’t keep up to get annoying.

That being said it’s mostly an immersion thing for me. I’m quite happy when I get dark omens - in part because for me it doesn’t pop too often - and I have a good reason to find them there the entire map. Plus the final event is beastmen only, so cool!

Instead of just fixing all the problems with beastmen I see Fatshark opted to just nerf their spawnrate significantly so they almost never appear. But when they do appear you can be sure they’ll be bringing all their janky high damage animations, insane mass, never ending arrow spam and bestigor / minotaur charge spam from 10 feet away with them.


Classic Shmatshark.

Beastmen are now only in open air maps


If people want to fight Beastmen then they can feel free to play Dark Omens and Weaves. I can understand the frustration of having them removed from most levels after FS implemented them into the game, but that stops after their absolute poor implementation into the game. 4eja said it best,

They were an added ingredient to an all ready “finished” dish, and it didn’t work.