BEASTMEN's situation: they are still too numerous to me, BUT

Just my experience. I still see more Beastmen than Skaven and Chaos… but I can’t deny that there are some threads with people who doesn’t see them anymore.

I’m here to give an advice to Fatshark: before to just increase their number again (and create again the old problem), try to check if it’s “only” a RNG’s problem.

Moreover I would like to know one thing by Fatshark @Fatshark_Hedge… your intention is to make Beastmen numerous as Chaos/Skaven OR less numerous?
Because I still feel Beastmen much stronger than the other two factions; so if your intention is to make them less numerous to compensate their strength… it’s a legit strategy. Otherwise you should think a way to nerf them.

Thanks for reading.