Please let us disable beastmen

It feels like 90% of my games since the Be’lakor update have been infested with beastmen and it’s kinda making me want to quit the game. Can we please just get a button or something to disable them, while keeping the maps, weapons, weaves and MOST IMPORTANTLY cata?

I really don’t find them enjoyable to fight at all in Cata, and I’d much rather never see them again in my games if I had a say in it. They still have hilariously broken lingering hitboxes with double the range than what you see with those stupid spears, their dropdown animation glitch where they can instantly attack is still there, their hyperstacking making it impossible to not get melted within 16 milliseconds if they surround you (which they will), the minotaur insta-180 ground pound is still an issue, the banners themselves have horrific hitboxes that feels like trying to swat a fly out of the sky using chopsticks even if you’re inside the damn thing, the archers being the most infuriating creatures in existence, archers spawning in gigantic clumps of 10 archers all clipping into eachother, their weird behavior when staggered… Let’s not even get started with how they behave in the chaos wastes with the 9 trillion bannerman spawns & the ridiculous grudgemarked minotaurs VS our pathetically understatted weapons.

So, could we please just have a way of disabling them without affecting the rest of the DLC? I’m alright with clicking on ratmen and chaos warriors for an extra 1.5k hours like I have so far, but these god damn beastmen are going to break me and my resolve…



Tale as old as time, Song as old a rhyme

Since the moment they release people been asking for Cata without beastmen. I get very very tilted by a stray arrow interrupting me. I guess by now it ain’t going to happen.

Fatshark, please. Or, just sanction this mod: No Beastmen. Beastmen are one of the most divisive elements of the game, and are one of the major reasons why WoM got mostly negative reviews.

It’s weird that the game effectively has two sets of Campaign maps - one with no Beastmen (no WoM DLC) and one with Beastmen forced in them (WoM DLC) with no way to turn them off (unless you turn the whole DLC off in Steam which will prevent you from using WoM items in your inventory and playing Cataclysm).

Also, please remove Beastmen from Bogenhafen and Ubersreik maps. Fatshark has attempted to remove them from Bogenhafen maps before, but the intended change didn’t work.

Also, (WoM-related) please make Olesya still say her dialogue after you complete a mission. Owning WoM removes this dialogue. This affects immersion, making the keep less lively and the player will also miss lore tidbits.


lol. these beastmen whoop my ass too

I have to say, (while you’re resing topics) there are some problems with the beastmen, such as how standard bearers unpredictably knock you off edges, or into a nasty situation, or how the animations for infantry often collide with the camera causing them to be invisible while striking close, but I like the beastmen.

They’re challenging, they keep things fresh. They’re hard on those squishy ranged jerks who always try stealing kills to stay high on the scoreboard. They break up the monotony that we’d have if it were just continuous Nurgle and Skaven.

Several times, I have jumped into quickplay using experimental squishy ranged builds for one-shotting black rats with 20% Power vs. Skaven bonuses and ended up on Dark Omens. I know it can be a pain, and the high damage output Beastmen make them more threatening on Cataclysm than ever Nurgle Chaos everything on Cata is hard to one-shot, and Minotaurs are near impossible to solo with 3 stamina shields, but even still, some decent melee tanking and crowd control is so often missing from teams that I think it explains most of the problem.