Custom game option. Turn off beast men

Can we get an option to turn off beast men in a private game?


Or in any game… Any map with beastmen feels much harder than maps without beastmen (excluding the finale). I’d like to be able to play Athel Yenlui without beastmen.

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I like the beastmen in general but at this point I too would like an option to turn them off. They are just so Janky still.

I like the idea of the beastmen, I hate their execution. The phantom hit change with current patch might change things, but they feel way too risky compared to other hordes. Even with 2h hammer on slayer, I get hit a few times even though I stagger a majority of them.


Can we get a toggle please for jank:

On <------------> Off

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I don’t think this would be high up on Fatsharks radar with everything else going on. And I’d much rather they focus on balancing them instead of just giving an option to turn them off. If you really don’t want them in your game, tick the box for the WoM DLC in your steam library.


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