To make the beastmen optional

There are people who don’t like beastmen. You can disable the extension and they stop appearing. Maybe you should make it possible to disable them in the game?

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They’re pretty heavily nerfed right now in terms of appearing. I think I get them 1 out of every 5 games, sometimes less to the point where I forget they are there. I think this is a pretty good compromise, and FS did a pretty good job implementing that.

Here’s what I thought of:
Since some people want to see more beastmen, some want to see none, and some want them to stay the way they are, simply make a scale that determines the frequency of Beastmen that the users can tweak to they’re liking. The spawn rate in each map would be determined by the host’s preference. The scale would range from none to many, and that’ll be that. Everyone gets what they want, problem solved.

So disable wom and deal with consequences. Whats your problem there?

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@Perteks I’m sure you can figure this one out.

Cheery picking well, no :smiley: its package deal

This doesn’t solve anything because you would be dependent on the hosts. Not everyone can or wants to host themselves. So even if I set Beastmen to 100 % I may never see them if all the hosts set them to 0 %.

Also to OP: What is with this picking mentality? I don’t enjoy fighting Chaos, they should be optional. I don’t enjoy fighting assassins, they should be optional, I don’t enjoy fighting gunners, they should be optional. Just because Beastmen have been added last or are part of a DLC doesn’t in any way make it more rationale to make them optional.


Why you guys are so opposed to picking what part of the product that you paid for you want to use?

@Perteks Man, I’m not sure why I’m bothering, but here goes: Just because something IS a certain way, does not mean it SHOULD be that way. That is a non sequitur.
Yes, it’s a package deal right now, but that is not a justification for it to keep being a package deal.

Because snowflakism is kinda bad :slight_smile:

I give up.

I’m sure you can choose whatever panties for Kerillian to wear in the modded realm. As well as if there are beastmen. This is an online coop game - when you say you’re choosing which part of the game you want to use, you’re potentially choosing for 3 other guys as well.


True. Good argument.
Perhaps this could be an option for solo play only, then.
Though then the appeal of implementing this feature becomes much lower for the devs.

Cant wait for some nervs coming to console…
Its still beastmantide there … although it’s like this for nearly 5 month now.
u get kind of used to it but it’s still annoying we cant block archers and their behaviour and spawns are still as broken as when wom came out…

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I disagree completely. To me it feels more like they deleted them from the game without actually doing it, tbh. You said it yourself that sometimes you even forget that they’re there.

Yeah, see, that’s because I don’t think beastmen feel as “clean” as the other two factions, so the reduced appearance is a win for me (without them being entirely gone, so it feels like a treat for me when I do get them). :smiley:

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Well, for both our sakes I’m going to optimistically hope Fatshark ‘completes’ the beastmen and then gives them the same spawn chances as the other two factions 8)

But please stop calling the result a ‘compromise’. It wasn’t a compromise. The anti-beastmen fellas got what they wanted and everyone else got shafted. It wasn’t a middle ground.