Disable beastmen - feature request

Dear Fatshark.
I really like your game, which I have already played a lot of time. Almost all this time I act as a host of games due to the fact that I do not want to play against beastmen. I just don’t like them (models, animations, etc.). However, there is a desire to try a new weapons, which is part of the Wind of Magic DLC. Today I bought this add-on, but found that it’s not possible to disable the beastmen faction. Therefore, I had to make a refund of Wind of Magic DLC in Steam.

In this regard, I have a request to you. Make it possible to disable beastmen in the game settings or when creating a lobby. Or give the opportunity to purchase new weapons separately from the add-on.

Thanks in advance!


I think they just need some tweaking and then you don’t want to miss them!

They spawn at weird places where they don’t fit. (in my opinion)
The Spear Ungors are a bit backstaby and the damage of Gors seems to me a bit high.
Maybe reduce the banner spawn a bit.


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It used to be possible to have the WoM DLC weapons without Beastmen. Once you unlocked the weapons, you could disable the DLC on Steam, making beastmen not spawn from maps you host while still keeping the weapons you unlocked. This was patched however. I believe this happened because people bought the DLC, unlocked the weapons, refunded the DLC, and then kept the weapons.

You are not the first to ask for a way to disable beastmen. I can only suggest you try to get used to them, as I doubt they are going to be optional.

Unlock the weapons and disable the dlc. You can still use them.

This is no longer possible. It was patched.

I’m guessing cause people were unlocking all the weapons and refunding the DLC :joy: Well, you’re SoL then.

I just dont like them in general.

True. That was a point of my yesterday WoM DLC purchase. Not working.

If it is hard to synchronize active weapons with non-active DLC without exploit, then just give us an option to buy new weapons separately. That’s all i asking for :slight_smile:

Beastmen are one of the reasons I still haven’t bought WOM*. Even after all the fixes they’ve gone through, they still are silent, teleport, wallhacking backstabbers that really have no skillful counter because you can’t block or dodge something that only appears after it has already hit you. They are basically one big glitch but with good art. In no way are the weapons or anything else really worth the pain of dealing with them.

*-The other reason: Weaves are garbage, and not worth 2/3 the price of the base game. Once you exclude the weaves, WOM has 5 bucks worth of content, tops.


The only things I don’t like about beastman are:

-they still track you even when you dodge their attack. oh how I love being poked with sticks when they are facing away from me!

-ambushes/hordes literally spawn 2in from the player in any given direction and are literally on top of you in less than a second. I get that ambushes are supposed to be a surprise but ffs skaven and chaos at least spawn a little ways away from the player when they trigger.

if those two things got fixed, fights would feel more fair.