Weaves, More Beastmen

Hello. I’m a huge fan of Warhammer and the Vermintide games. I loved the beastmen, and bought Winds of Magic hoping to fight them, separate from chaos/skaven, as a way to mix up gameplay. Unfortunately, they were removed. I hope that there are plans to add the faction again in some larger capacity so that the people who paid for them are able to enjoy that content. One suggestion on that is to make weaves be beastmen only. This way the people who bought Winds of Magic can fight them, without forcing them on anyone who doesn’t enjoy them, in adventure mode. It works well because the weave modifiers compensate for the Beastmen’s shorter unit roster, and because Beastmen have no disabler’s, people who want a truly solo experience can play ranked weaves with the party size locked to 1. Also, please allow us to unlock the weave weapon skin for adventure mode, once we reach cap level with that weapon in the weave. Thank you!

How did you came to this statement? Beastmen are still there for me.

People complained that there were a lot of beastmen, they used to spawn commonly, especially in forested areas. It wasn’t uncommon for example to play Festering Ground or Athel Yenlui and have it be mostly beastmen, up until near the end events where the faction would switch to chaos or skaven respectively. It really brought the world to life to set enemy factions to certain terrain types.

The reduction of beastmen unfortunately made them uncommon. Now aside from Dark Omens which is still very unbalanced at the end, we just see small clusters of beastmen seldomly. The identify of the race got watered down, and now they just feel like a random blip that gets mixed in and lost with everything else.

Its frustrating because some of us were really excited for a new race to mix up gameplay. We bought that race expecting to be able to choose to fight them regularly, and since that patch, can’t really. Unless we play one single unbalanced map repeatedly.

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