Beastmen are overpowered for all the wrong reasons

It’s not because their high damage, high mass, and high health that I say they’re overpowered. It’s because of all the other senseless things that surround them.

  1. They’re quiet as hell. I’ve had multiple instances where one or two beastmen sneak behind me without even making a sound. Sometimes they don’t even make the “you’re about to get hit” sound either, presumably because they attack so fast.

  2. Their range is way too long. I recall walking outside of the visual range of a beastman with his axe. He attacked me and hit me even though there was a good 1-2 feet between me and the tip of the axe. This has got to be fixed because that is a light, fast attack. It shouldn’t have the range of a spear thrust. Keep in mind this is when I was host, lag was not a problem

  3. They attack too fast and sporadically without any windup. Many of their attacks are too fast even for the “you’re about to get hit” sound. This is a problem when these attacks have insane range and insane damage. I get it, they’re beasts wielding huge axes and machetes. This doesn’t excuse a light infantry unit dealing half my HP in one fast attack.

This game was better before their introduction, not because it made the game harder, but because it made one of the three factions a gimmick. You don’t want to face them because you know they don’t fight fair.


I agree with all of your points. Aesthetically I think they’re very cool and a nice addition to the game. But everything about them with regard to gameplay mechanics gives me a sour taste in my mouth and makes me want to uncheck WoM from my list of added content.

Overall I think they feel okay enough on Legend. They’re still janky sometimes but I suppose it’s passable.

On Cataclysm they go from somewhat annoying sometimes straight into the stratosphere of totally infuriating to play against. Their horde composition mass is downright silly. Skaven hordes with multiple Stormvermin and Specials mixed in are easier to manage. Whenever the group gets a Beastman horde and Wargors start showing up in absurd numbers I immediately start gnashing my teeth. In those moments I’m just not having fun anymore.

Their animations are janky as hell. The little kicks that the Gors do are probably some of the worst animations in the entire game. They look like unpolished trash compared to some of the other enemies, and that’s saying a lot because we still have rubber band running attack and ice skating Chaos dudes running around. It’s actually kind of comical just how janky their overall gameplay behaviors are.

Wargors are boring as hell at this point and only serve to represent tedium. They aren’t fun to fight. I still love the challenge of taking out Flamers and Gunners. Hook Rats are still infuriating sometimes but they’ve always been that way. Wargors on the other hand just make me want to bash my head against my keyboard. They have no identity (in my opinion) and only serve to make fighting the janky Beastman hordes even more infuriating.


I think their mass actually is also one of the main problems, specifically in regards to noclipping specials. I feel like it’s really hard to snipe especially packmasters through a beastmen horde and makes sienna with good allrounder AoE staff pretty much a must have pick.

Now don’t get me wrong, beastmen should have a really high mass, fixing the noclipping specials would be preferable but I don’t hold my breath. :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed on all counts! I am very excited for the potential that the new faction brings, but I cannot stand their current implementation. I was the only one out of my friends to not buy the DLC, and I typically end up hosting now because no one enjoys playing against them.

Frustrating that they’re tied to Cataclysm, too. Really feel like the difficulty should have been part of the update to the core game and not the DLC.

Agreed. Fighting Beastmen isn’t a challenge- it’s a chore. Gors attack far too quickly for how much damage they do and how numerous they are.

Their attack animations feel fast and unfair since they are not telegraphed nearly as much as a Marauder/Mauler, but do even more damage for some reason.

If you had a horde composed of 70% Marauders, but made them have Chaos Warrior punches that did equal damage to their giant overhead swing, then that would be roughly equal to how the average Beastmen wave feels.

For the “base unit” Gors are a wonderful combination of fast, hard hitting attack with numbers to make sure that you get at least one or two 60 damage sword pokes in there. They aren’t enjoyable to fight at all imo.


You didn’t buy the DLC, thought you were very excited about it,

Sure the damage may not be a problem however they do attack way too fast to have damage values as high as they are. Maybe if the windup time was similiar to stormvermin it might be decently balanced but its not hence its worth talking about.

They do not. They are Bestigors with surprise super armor to catch you off guard when they’re in the group. Oh, but you can easily tell them apart because they don’t wear black helmets over their black fur like besties do! :sob:

Full disclosure, I’m totally fine with a special or elite being annoying, I think ungor archers are great variety (their attack range should not exceed viewing range or the game’s draw distance, same with gunners but that’s lower on the game breaking bug priorities than throwing axe barrels). Wargors really aren’t a bad idea, just bad in design and tied to an unbalanced faction.

They are op thanks to a good mix between bugs and unpredictable attacks from a darkblob tough af.


Seconded on the difficulty being tied to the dlc. I would really like to see more players in cata.

Cataclysm is a meme at this point. A large part of success vs. failure is how bad the RNG is in terms of getting horrible Beastman spawns. Either that or how many bugs you have to endure: being stabbed in the back by rats materializing out of thin air, being hooked from 20 feet away, leeches with laser lock on aim.

Terror events are still laughably unbalanced across missions too.

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Still am. Want to see all these new features and ideas succeed. But for now, I don’t feel good about paying $20 for content that I personally feel needs a lot more work. It’s the most effective way I have as a consumer to express that I am not happy with the current state of the product.

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Hello @ all,

i want to make a little feedback for this too.

  • the Beastmen are not a full waste. But here are some changes that should be made ASAP!

First of All:

  • Give me the Button: Play with Beastmen or not. Why? Because in some Maps they are good but in some: the feeling of playing Vermintide 1 is GONE.

  • I don´t know who tested the Release Version but: I Think he only played as Rekrut.
    Look at this map data: ( Convocation_of_Decay)
    Old Version: 5 Runs = 3 Completed Runs 1 of them with all Grims and Books.
    New Version: 2 Day = every Day 7 - Runs … only try… death at the end … 4 times … death at start first monster place (little Room with books) 4 times. 3 times death by got attacked from down to up in circle holes. Rest = Death in small tunnels. After Launching a wave from the front and from behind.

This is surely not all of it. The KI System behind the scene also spawns Elites in such situations that kills you too.

Sure you can kill them. Shoot the banner carrier first. (if you can see them) or sneak as elf to it (if you live after decloak) .

  • a heavy problem is the silence of these beasts. They didn´t even got foots. hooves. Hell. In Real you can hear the horse before getting in your street. … But not them… they make no noises.
  • they spawn strange. Sometimes you look in one direction . No sign of any enemy. kill enemy. watch back under 3 sec. He is just next to you and bang. WTF.
  • as tank … you cant tank them. The small ones make realy long attacks true and behind from the black bigger once. (Sure with no damage from them ramming the spear right true his friends … arm)

I rage deleted the Game for this.
Please send an e-mail after fix.

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  1. When I see it winding up that fast as heck overhead. And I sidestep. And I STILL get hit either through bugs or ping issues or whatever. I lose my damn mind.
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