Beastmen need a nerf

Here’s a list of what makes them all too strong

  • Ungor archers can interrupt revives and their arrows go through hordes apparently to hit you.
  • The backbone of their army, the gors, have too many types of attacks compared to the other factions.
  • They have three different kinds of stun attacks that deal chip damage through blocks. A punch, a headbutt and kicks. Which all hit just as fast as you can push at them.
  • The fact that a base unit that’s not even an elite can deal chip damage is insane. And these “stun” attacks deal massive damage if you don’t block. It needs to be removed entirely. Only bosses and the biggest elites should have chip damage.
  • Their collision box is huge and makes hitting them harder when there’s an invisible wall preventing you from getting too close and hitting them. This is especially bad when they’re knocked down, and even worse for weapons with short range, notably most of Bardin’s. Like his 1h weapons and shields.
  • Maybe it’s just me but I’ve noticed how ungors and gors in some animations take a step backwards during an attack which takes them out of your attack range but you are still in theirs. I often miss a lot of attacks with how much their bodies wave around.
  • Overall the beastmen have high health, high damage, high range, large numbers and fast attacks. They’re too strong compared to every other faction.

They not need a nerf, its not goal to have chaos paesant with diferent skin , take some time and play against them you will learn their pattern and behaviour.

Geting yourself to level 35 helps (adds some stagger)
Also keep in mind that there is currently no +10% damage (stagger) affix on gear. vs Sheepmans like there is vs chaos and rats, so naturaly your attacks not stagger goatman much.

When they are under totem buff and you hit them its like you hit Terminator from Arnold movie, always go totem first.


I read in the patch notes that % vs. chaos also counts toward beastmen. Their justification was that the beastmen are also children of chaos, which made sense to me.


Nah its not that they need nerf, its chaos and skavens needs buff


Could start with actually fixing the fact that they tend to just ignore some staggering attacks half the time for no blody reasons and also how they tend to bunch up into hyper density no matter where you are. Could also look into why they tend to make no sounds at at all when attacking and why sometimes they can literally spawn on top of you.
After that they probably need some attack speed nerfs at most to make them this “supposed” mix between chaos and skaven instead of just being flat out better.


What most people miss is that the GOR is the equivalent of the MARAUDER.

You don’t get a chaos horde where 60-70% of the horde is marauders and only the rest is fanatics.
Or where the skaven horde is clan rats and you have a occasional rat slave. This is tapping into modded realm stuff.

This is why they have so much mass, push you out much more, are harder to cleave through and are in general more dangerous than the other 2 factions.

While you could argue to buff the other 2, it would seriously slow the game down even more. Right now when you get a skaven or chaos horde, you can keep progressing, but a beastmen horde stops you in the track by their sheer mass and if they catch you in the wrong place they are harder to manage. Burning bombs and potions for horde clear is not a desired side effect.

The main argument at V2 launch was that it has more enemies, but is also faster paced game play than V1. Now we’re in the process of going back to V1 fighting styles and that means a slower game play and it raises the question of do we really need/want that?


Yeah, you’re right, the fact that Beast hordes consist of a higher concentration of the tougher mobs is indeed a big reason why they feel harder than Skaven or Marauders. However, the problem with the Ungor hordes was that a lot of those spears at the same time were even harder to fight…

Maybe their hordes could take a little size reduction instead? The fact that their only special - the Bannergoat - brings even more enemies along, makes their hordes even larger as well.

The attack pattern of Beastmen, with their quick headbutts and long ranged spear stabs and all that, is the other reason they are currently harder than the other enemies.


How long would it take to make a ungor unit that has trash weapons like the slaves/fanatics? They don’t have to use spears at all cost.


Fair enough, that would also be a great solution.

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I don’t think that would be great solution since it would just make the Bestmen hordes too similar to Skaven/Chaos hordes. I like that their hordes are very different.

I’m not opposed to nerfing them a bit, but not by making them effectively same as the others.


Totally agree. Factions are meant to have pro and cons, but Beastmen just overshadow Chaos and Skaven.

Currently meet them at the start is just bad luck.


Also the long range combined with overlapping…
They literally stab through the guy in front so you have no way of seeing the attack coming.

Its an existing bug which only a few enemies could take advantage of before. Now both their archers and any melee with two-handed weapons do so, which is 80% of the beastmen

I don’t mind difficulty but its just not fun gameplay when its more reliant of spamming dodge/block than skill/timing.


I’m deliberately trying to fix them without a nerf. They are not stronger because of the individual values, but because of their composition.
This kind of setup reminds of the modded realm where various mods did the same thing, either replacing every unit with a one tier higher one (mythical Vanguard, i think), or mixing up the composition like ONS.
But now we’re halfway in between an it’s inconsistent.


Sure them being mostly equivalent to marauders could play a role in that but i don’t fully buy it. I’ve done enough deeds where hordes mostly consist of clanrat/maurauder level enemies and while they are indeed tougher and take longer to kill they are still consistently manageable.
First of all current skaven/chaos enemies attack patterns are consistent enough that you can sort of expect whats going to happen. This does not happen with current beastman enemies especially with gors who have multiple fast attacking patterns which when overlapped makes it so you just have to double shove to make sure you are not getting hit by some random crap you did not expect in the moment.
Its really the combination of marauder level damage, skaven level of horde sizes combined with the fact that currently they have the fastest attack speeds out of any “horde” type enemies that makes it so extreme. Add on top of it the multitude of bugs and you got a enemy that is way beyond anything the other 2 rosters can bring in terms of difficulty.


I think that they are fine. Also bestigor need a buff because right now being a CW like elite unit it feels like nothing different from other beastmen. And I just can’t look at animation of elf’s DD block bestigor’s overhead attack. This particular attack doesn’t feel as heavy as SW’s one.

Bestigor is not a CW level elite, it’s more like a mauler+SV combination, it being armored.
Wargor is the CW level elite with super armor and berzerker head, but it spawns in the special slot where enemies should be killable quick before they can do harm, so it has a nice identity crisis in my opinion.


Beasties just need two things:

  1. More time for everyone to get used to them.
  2. A tad bit more tweaking as they display some unintentional behaviours that have been expunged before on skaven and chaos units (ungor spearmen have a tendency to track you too well, to the point where you can dodge right before the attack and they might even do the good ol’ 180° no-scope).
    Some mechanics might need some looking into, but overall, they feel refreshingly different.

That what confuses me most. Bestigors look like solid unit but feels nothing like it. Wargors have even smaller amount of armor and smaller horns but they are much more tankier. The solution to this is to change appearance of both.

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imo the wargor could use more armour + horn and body size, and/or look more bestial/chaos blessed. Even a little looted gold here and there (colour contrast to bestigor’s armour) or a bunch of cursed empire/chaos trinkets on him would go a long way to help him be more distinct.

The bestigor looks right to me.


Considering how bestigors are in the lore (basically gors with some slapped armor/better gear) they are pretty close here to what i imagine them to be. Somewhat tankier than stormvermin while having bit faster overhead swings.
Wargors on the other hand i can definitely agree are just totally mis-interpreted and could definitely do with some changes to how they look and feel.