Beast folk on back to uber maps. specifically horn of ;aksjf;aslkj

so honest question, do u guys know they spawn here like 99.9999969696969% of the time. this is a problem no?


honestly lad it’s been like this for so long it may as well be intended gameplay

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feelsbad. i cant find a post i made like this a long time ago too. but its a bummer, good mad, bad occupants. also its a human settlement?

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yeah none of the back to ubersreik maps received the beastmen spawn rate changes

so many questions. is that intended? did someone forget to copy n paste? imma jus shut up. jus wanna make this aware and it sucks

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It also happens a lot to me on the Bogenhafen maps as well.

This is also an issue in the Shadows over Bogenhafen DLC maps. You can even see Beastmen hanging around sewers with the Skaven. (Which makes no sense.)

Yes, since:

Beastmen don’t like hanging around in cities like Ubersreik and Bogenhafen. Even if the Back to Ubersreik maps are supposed to be an illusion, the illusion still has to make sense.

Also, Olesya only acknowledges the presence of the “Pactsworn” in the map. Beastmen were never part of the Skaven-Chaos Northmen pact.

Beastmen shouldn’t be in cities even because their still broken and stupid spawning mechanic: they still spawn 1m from you and also at your back and in the alleys or sewers of Bogenhafen or Ubersreik this is just impossible to counter.

The wild spawning is not beastmen specific.

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