Beastmentide in Drachenfels


I just read the new patch notes,
Beastmen can no longer spawn in Blood in Darkness

beastmen tweaks are fine, they had too long reach and damage, etc
but why can’t they spawn in blood in darness!? is a normal map!
it’s ok if chaos and beasts are not in into the nest, it’s skaven map
or no skaven or beast in warcamp
or no skaven or chaos in dark omens

but why not beast in drachenfels map!? it worked perfectly so far, and now there are new fixes for beasts, even better!

allow beastmen to spaw in blood in darkness please

thanks for reading

Lore reasons. Its enough


It does feel a little arbitrary, and all of the changes further the idea of beastmen being mostly an incomplete vestigial faction.

Hopefully they can find a happy medium for people. I don’t like the beastmen at all(rather, their implementation), but I do think it’d be a shame for people who purchased the DLC and DO like them to rarely ever experience them.

:cry: :cry: :cry:
I really am afraid of that happening, tbh. Too many reports of “I didn’t see a single beastmen in several maps in a row!” during the beta. But we’ll see.


I don’t know Warhammer lore, but beastmen feel like they belong outside. Partly because of game mechanics reasons – they can be pretty annoying to fight in narrow corridors / enclosed spaces (especially when the banner is dropped around corners / behind walls / on the floor above you) – and partly because they just look out-of-place inside buildings. Instead of just making them globally less common, I would like if FS marked certain sections of maps as beastmen-free zones.

This is how I feel as well. Imo if the developers want to have maps that can include all 3 factions they need to design them environment wise so as each faction being represented makes sense.

If Blood in the Darkness had one of the cave areas have a bit more fauna and an cave entrance leading to a small strand a trees and such I could see Beastmen spawning in that location and extending outwards from said location absolutely fine. But in the dungeon parts of that map…? No. Skaven being rats and adaptable to many environments and Norsca being more human then Beastmen make far more sense + lore behind the map also lends well to Norscan presence.

Because of lore reasons, beastmen wouldn’t come close to Castle Drachenfels.
Beastmen are nomadic, primitive and destructive.
They seek only the destruction of civilization and the corruption of good men.
Castle Drachenfels is alive, and emits evil, it simply oozes with vampiric energy. Any beastman would feel the air around him and go “Aight, we ain’t got no business here, this place’s already taken care of”.
Simply entering would put your life in danger, because the castle is… hungry. If the primitive beastmen had any spider-senses, they’d likely go off like thunder.

Additionally, beastmen loathe any and all civilization. Castle Drachenfels is a built structure, and any beastmen would therefore theoretically seek to completely destroy it, grind it down to dust- but with castle Drachenfels, they can’t even do that! Because the castle is alive, razing it to the ground won’t do anything, because the castle will simply rebuild itself.
It could be that they’ve tried, multiple times, but seeing a fallen brick simply levitate back into place after you’ve broken it a tenfold times tends to be discouraging.

Lastly, because they are nomadic and hate civilization, they loathe the inside, unless it’s a cave. They can’t destroy castle Drachenfels, therefore they’d keep themselves to the outside of the castle. More innocent lives to prey on outside of the castle than inside, if you follow, because there’s no living, breathing soul inside castle Drachenfels.

I’d also add that Undead and Chaos do not mesh very well in the Warhammer world. Chaos being the uncaring madness of life, as for example exemplified by the Beastmen, while Undeath is of course the silence of the grave. Both are nasty in their own way but also opposites.

I won’t go into Warhammer metaphysical stuff about the Warp and stuff that seals the conflict between these two, but there’s a reason as to why creatures of Chaos and the undead tends to be on a coallision course when they encounter each other.

it’s great to have new enemy factions,
beastmen are easy to dea with
no problem to fight them in drachenfelsen maps!