So we just don't get beastmen anymore? At all?

season 2 JUST rolled out on ps4 and it says they dialed back the beastmwn spawns. Personally I was upset about this because I simply adore the beastly hordes but I figured they would be a pleasant encounter when they do show up…except…they dont…at all. Ever since they were “dialed back” the beastmen do NOT spawn in any mission except dark omens. In over 50 missions I’ve not seen a single beastmen on any other map at all. I understand a few of the more vocal PC players bitched and thats why they were removed but the new enemy faction was the REASON I bought winds of magic (and weapons) but because a few people didn’t like them everyone on every platform gets an entire 1/3rd of a dlc paid for with real cash just…stripped away. No compensation no nothing? Dosent seem fair.


Its pretty random at least on xbox since our update a friend of mine got a similar experience like u with them but I get them in like 1 out of 4 maps and then its massive beastmantide . Just rng

If that is the case then its weirdly inconsistent. I’ve gone map after map and not seen a single one of my beastly babies

It feels kinda like with the vet items some ppl just get nothing out of 100 boxes and some get a shtload^^

They don’t spawn in Cities or towns, only woodland areas. Some maps don’t have them for lore reasons.

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Maybe but for me they aren’t spawning ANYWHERE not even Athel Yenlui


I don’t have this issue on PC, they still spawn. They’ve been removed from half of all maps/areas, yes, but Toastklotzi is also still getting them, albeit only occasionally. Would you mind to look out for them again over the next… let’s say 15 games? And don’t count the missions/areas they’ve been removed from. Maps they can spawn on are: Hunger in the Dark, Halescourge, Athel Yenlui, Fort Brachsenbrücke, Against the Grain, Festering Ground, War Camp (up until the the 2nd grim area around the Blot Tree, before the actual camp), Garden of Morr, Engines of War and Old Haunts. Dark Omens is a given, so you don’t have to count that.
Also, important point: if you are joining a quickplay and the host doesn’t have the Winds of Magic DLC you won’t get Beastmen too.

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I still think that limiting Beastmen to wild areas is not at all loreful. They’re raiders; if a city was burning, they will rush in. They’re children of Chaos who want to destroy civilization, you can’t destroy it if you don’t go into it.


Its not working like this on console u still get them in towns its just less…
Its not map specific for us besides drachenfels where I at least never saw them u still get them in screaming bell healscourge etc…

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Well, if the update worked like the S2 update on PC (and isn’t bugged for you guys on PS4), like you I didn’t see beastmen spawn at all for several days, but they still should still spawn in.
The removal of beastmen from towns that people are talking about here should be a future update for consoles ( came quite a while after S2 began) that will reduce their spawn rate even further.
I remember the S2 nerf to beastmen spawn rate being very noticeable because beastmen were overrepresented prior, and underrepresented post-patch.
I did a test shortly after S2 to do a rough check of their spawn rate:here
Maybe just spam Horn of Magnus/Halescourge for a decent chance at finding some beastmen.

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Been saying this for a while. Remember that we’re never facing the armies here, people, never head on. At most, we’re facing the few stragglers from the main army who left behind to guard the spoils or just because they haven’t caught up with the army yet. It makes perfect sense that there’d still be some beastmen scouring this burning, wrecked city they just helped destroy to loot and scavenge and do chaos things. Not to mention that if they’re working with the Rotbloods and Clan Fester, they’re most likely working FOR one of them, which means taking orders, which means if Chaos Daddy tells you to get in the bloody sewer to help protect the incantation to summon a daemon, the beast bois get in the bloody sewer.