Remove Beastmen From Certain DLC maps

Why, hello there!
According to this patch, beastmen were removed from town maps. Also, it is mentioned here that their presence in cities is anomalous.
However, this applies to vanilla maps only. DLC level can sometimes contain beastmen from the start until the very end.
And, as much as I love being peppered by millions of archers and chased by bestigors from the horizon, this should not be a thing.
Here are some screenshot if in case of any proof is needed.
Blightreaper. What do beastmen do in Bogenhafen and its sewers again? (Didn’t manage to get screenshot of sewers :frowning:)

The Pit. I think it makes sence for them to be there, but not in such numbers and not during the entire map

Horn of Magnus. Mewling horde didn’t wake up the speeling Ubersreik somehow

Therefore, I propose:
Beastmen should be removed from the next array of maps:
The Horn of Magnus, Garden of Morr, The Blightreaper.
Their presence should be severely reduced on the maps:
Engines of War, The Pit (it makes sence for them to roam around at the beginning of level and to be replaced by skaven and rotbloods further).
The rest of the DLC maps are fine in my book.
In conclusion, let me share the scream of my soul about beastmen situation overall

Thank you.

I agree.


I disagree.

The Ubersreik maps are an illusion and not in real time therefore do not apply to the patch changes.

Bogenhafen maps are incredibly lackluster without beastman.

I paid for beastman and I never see them anymore. I haven’t seen a Minotaur spawn (outside of Dark Omens) in months.


This is surprisingly relatable for me.

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Lets take it a step further and remove Beastmen entirely.


I paid for beastman and I never see them anymore

Well, you’re a lucky person then. I see them almost every time I host the game and get DLC map and I’m pretty sick of them.

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I don’t think this should factor in to it

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Correction: unlucky

I’ve been wanting Fatshark to add beastman since V1.

I never understood why everyone hates them or why they got nerfed. They are basically reskinned chaos enemies with a few unique changes.

I never understood why everyone hates them or why they got nerfed

Obviously, I cannot represent everyone’s opinion, so let me share mine.

  1. Very poor roaster. Ungors, archers, gors, bestigors, wargors and minotaurs are not enough for a complete enemy faction.
  2. Combination of beastmen and skaven is immersion breaking. We’re litterally shown how beastmen treat outsiders at the very beginning of Dark Omens, and yet, they gladly borrow bunch of skaven specials. As far as I understand, they were created not as a part of skaven-chaos alliance but rather as bunch of uninvited guests trying to get their piece of cake of Empire whenever they can. And they’re not welcome by literally everyone.
  3. Beastmen horde consist mostly of gors, middle tier infantry. In the mean time, skaven and rotboold hordes are mostly slaves or zealots.
  4. Mobs tend to stack inside each other. Actually, they all do regardless of faction, but it’s the worst with beastmen.
  5. Beastmen hordes seem to appear more frequently. I might be wrong about it, however.
  6. Beastmen tend to fall in random direction when staggered hard enough. Including inside players.
  7. Ungors are still capable of hitting you through other enemies despite all the fixes.
  8. Gors have clunky hard-to-read animations and deal stupidly much damage. Seriously, if fully armored probably 300 kg weight bestigor bashes me at full speed, I get 10 damage. But, if some random gor performs a clumsy headbutt on me through entire horde of his fellow, I get half of my health missing. Completely unfair.
  9. It’s almost impossible to rescue a downed teammate, surrounded by beastmen. They die too fast.
  10. Bots ignore archers and are overall bad against beastmen.
    I probably forgot something, but this sumps it up pretty well.

So, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind seeing beastmen here and there on occasion. But not during the entire run.


You forgot.

  • alot of archers
  • archer arrows stunning you
  • archers standing in unreachable places, that you are unable to access with a melee weapon.
  • ( not tested yet, but it feels like this) beastmen elites don’t get affected by dhdd deeds and i’m pretty sure vanguard deeds

They have some issues. But i would say the biggest issue players have with them, is that they are alot more difficult then slave rats, so when you get beastmen only it increases the difficulty of a level, which some don’t mind and others do mind.

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big issues with beastmen are archers are pretty toxic to deal with, they lack unit variety, their spawning behaviour is extremely obnoxious since it’s almost always an ambush and some of their animations are very clunky (headbutts)

That said I do wish they opted to fix the issues with beastmen rather than simply making them extremely rare. If anything it exacerbates the issues since now no one has as much practice with them


I want MORE beastmen not less.

I am on the board with SirKruber, I don’t understand the general hate towards Beastmen.
Guess it makes as much sense as ragequitting because you get a map you don’t like

Anyway in terms of beastmen have the exact same damage profile as chaos faction the only difference is that beastmen roamers do 27 instead of 25, big whoop.

Otherwise Beastmen Gors are a mix between chaos fanatics and marauders in terms of HP, Stagger Res and Mass which makes sense since there are fewer enemies.

The headbutt attack is equal to a chaos fanatics normal attack in terms of intensity, and damage.

I do agree that archers are kind of annoying to play against but then again I see them as a ranged damage sponge for the most part. If you don’t have a ranged weapon available you need to trick them to get closer in order for you to not overextend or get out of position to kill them.

I don’t get why people make up these nonsensical excuses in order to avoid a map or a faction.

Why don’t you just say it like it is, you are inexperienced against beatmen, which is fine, there are tools that can help you improve.

Why not improve instead of getting rid of something?
I mean is it really that hard for people to wrap their heads around something in such a way that you need something removed?

It’s all a matter of your approach but removing something just because you can’t wrap your head around something is really the laziest way of fixing something.

P.S.: Minotaur isn’t really that hard to fight against, you can either use the wallkite technique where he cant reach you because of his attack range or if a Minotaur is facing you just kite his right hand side (from your point of view right).
The only attack that is unblockable is his right hand swipe, all other attacks can be either avoided by kiting or blocking.


You don’t seem to understand the message, sir.
I don’t want them to be removed completely.
They’re fine when being in locations like forests or dedicated maps (so far it’s just Dark Omens).
However, I get a lot of situations where they are the main enemies during the entire run in town maps.
That’s the issue, which was supposively fixed in May 2020, and my main complaint about them.

P.S. They are still mistake of game design and should be reworked, however.


I think you might have misunderstood the patch notes.

They didn’t say that they removed Beastmen completely, I think what’s being said is that Beastmen have been removed in narrow maps where there are no open areas.

Which is also Town maps to some extent, as long as there is an open area without a closed room there will be Beastmen.

Your PS sounds like you are looking for an excuse here really. Why would you base your argument on the flaws of game design?
I think it’s more likely that you are really inexperienced against Beastmen and don’t want to improve against them.

P.S: None of what you said in your 10 Points makes any sense by the way, not in the argument of Beastmen appearing in areas you think they shouldn’t although they should.

Sir, you are not getting it.
Have I ever said anything about removing beastmen completely?
I’m trying to tell that I’m fed up with getting freaking Garden of Morr or another DLC map in quick play stacked with beastmen only and want this to be removed.
And, as you can probably guess from screenshots, I can handle beastmen as equally as all other threats.
So seek more arguments, I know what I want and what I’m talking about here, sir.

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No you obviously don’t

Garden of Moor was announced as a beastmen map since the patch the reduced the general amount of beastmen in maps

You can keep on believing whatever you want, all it takes is reading the actual patch notes.

Sir, madam whatever

Since you’re such a genius, give me the actual quote then, because all I can find is this

Removed the possibility of Beastmen spawning in most human settlements (like town areas).

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Where does Garden of Moor have town areas?
Are you serious right now?

You call me genius but can’t understand what the word town areas means?

Let me tell you something Mr Genius I call other people Genius although I don’t get a grasp of the game concept.

There is an area coefficient built into the game that regulates the amount of enemies per area.
Since beastmen are chaos themed they spawn in areas where chaos will spawn with a minor difference that the coefficient is higher than the one for beastmen in narrow none open spaced areas.

But You knew that, being the genius you believe to be.

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