Are Beastmen latest fixes lost?

Is it me or are beastmen latest fixes lost with the end of Y2 anniversary event?

I played a ‘war camp’ in which they are endlessly swarming.

Bestigor are charging through their mates like a ghost.

They still have instant head strike when staggered.

They still are quick and sneaky, frequently popping up from nowhere.
Is it not rare being surrounded without any idea about where they are coming from.

but mainly they are simply too many and too tough.

Consider the difference between the 1st contact horde (in Dark Omen), and the other hordes in the game.


This has neven been fixed, sadly.

This too, never fixed. Apart the lower range for ungors.

There are a lot of RNG here… because many players, since the day after the pach, continue to see Beastmen as the most numerous enemies.

A lot of patches in this game can bring back old bugs or problems so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Beastmen will always be a “bleh” faction to me due to spawning issues, incomplete faction, general jankiness, and how bots weren’t updated to deal with the new enemies.

Nope, I’m still seeing barely any beastmen in almost any match I play, to my dismay.

Can’t comment on the rest since I barely bloody fight the buggers nowadays 8)

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Yes, I experienced both Convocation of Decay and Horn of Magnus entirely Beastmen, from start to end, a couple days ago.

I’m not sure if it follows the same rules as L4D but I am fairly certain enemies are allowed to spawn so long as they are not within direct line of sight, which is why 20 beastmen can suddenly come out from behind a single tree (lol)

At least that’s how I think its “supposed” to work… I have seen an entire skaven slave wave spawn directly in front of me before on a couple maps

What I don’t get is how Beastmen spawns are so comparatively quiet compared to the Skaven and Norsca. I don’t have 10 huge men spawn behind me completely silently with any other faction but the Beastmen. The occasional backstabbing flanker sure, but an actual group of enemies just appearing behind me? It’s absolutely puzzling.

Yep, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Afaik finding a spawn point is asynchronous and can fail which I think will force spawn them just from somewhere that will be visible or way too close.

Also line of sight from the spawners point of view is not the same as for the player, the geometry they see or at least how LOS is tested differs as it obviously doesn’t render the world and check from pixels if something is actually visible or not. Thus Stormers can cast from behind LOS and other similar things.

Just came to think about it, what is the logic behind footsteps or generally making sounds? Sometimes it’s audible there’s something going on behind, and sometimes not.


Warcamp is one of the few maps that has a big chance for endless beastmen.

Ugh cheaty blightstormers… the one special I am actually concerned about with versus mode as players controlling a blightstormer will try and do completely safe storms from cliffs and stuff constantly

I think it might just be you. Every map is likely to have one faction that is more common than the others and it’s okay if, one out of every 3 maps, beastmen are pretty constant.

I’m much with @KaelusVonSestiaf on this one: I see a few beastmen in a level, if that. I’ve gone a couple missions without seeing them at all, which is sad, but I can’t even call them close to “endlessly swarming.”

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