Back to Ubersriek and Beastmen


I know Beastmen spawn rates have been modified in the past. I still feel that they are too high, specifically on BtU maps. It feels weird wanting that V1 nostalgia, and running into nothing but Beastmen most of the time. It’s also strange seeing them mostly in cities (and sewers…looking at you blightreaper).

I’m not speaking to adjustments to them mechanically, as that seems like a major overhaul. I’d just like to not have such a high chance (I mean, really disproportionately high chance) to run into them on Horn of Magnus.


i play often and i can also agree to this. beastmen feels like 9/10 times there. and the 1 time its not, it becomes them after a few steps forward.

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The Deed rework we need is toggleable options for all the deed modifiers as well as enemy factions so you could play against all Skaven if you wanted. If they’re worried about people cheesing, then make it so toggling things off lowers loot bonus and turning more on increases it (and of course you can’t just turn off every faction, and scripted enemies still spawn).

I believe this is acknowledged as a bug now, after our hero @NewType ( ) brought it up. I think beastmen in SoB and BtU should follow the same rules as per the Helmgart and Drachenfels campaign, but for some reason those tweaks were never brought over. Hopefully it will come along as a fix with a future update.

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Fatshark removed Beastmen in city/town maps but it seems that they forgot about the Back to Ubersreik and Shadows over Bogenhafen DLCs.

Developer Update - May 8, 2020:

Removed the possibility of Beastmen spawning in most human settlements (like town areas).

Patch 3.0 - The Grail Knight - June 2020

  • Convocation of Decay: Made sure there are no Beastmen and no zones with a mix of Skaven and Chaos.
  • Righteous Stand: Removed Beastmen and reduced mixed Skaven and Chaos factions.
  • Screaming Bell: Made sure there are no Beastmen and no zones with a mix of Skaven and Chaos.


Even if the Back to Ubersreik maps are supposed to be an illusion, the illusion still has to make sense. And Olesya only acknowledges the presence of the “Pactsworn” in the BtU maps. Beastmen were never part of the Skaven-Chaos Northmen pact.

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It looks like my memory of them being in Screaming Bell and Righteous Stand might be older than patch 3.0, although I’d have sworn I’d seen them more recently. Assuming that fix is working as intended this leaves:

Empire in Flames
The Pit
The Blightreaper

+Horn of Magnus and Garden of Morr. I’m ok with their appearance in Engines of War, as that’s mostly a forest (a new line like “Strange. You didn’t meet them last time. Oh, well…” could be welcome)

While my list is somewhat redundant, given the fine points of this thread, I strongly remind you that for some reason Halescourge and Empire in Flames survived the purge. I find it very odd, as they are definitely city maps (expecially Halescorge, which is Helmgart itself). Those should get the same fix SoB and BtU deserve.

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In Engines of War they should appear near the Grunwald lodge because there are beastmen’s altars.

(Even if I’d remove them for good from all maps, because they are a pre-alpha feature)

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Beastmen still frequently appear after the god forsaken barracks.

I’ll need to check it, but I’m quite sure I got beastmen there and on screaming bell recently.

Was this on a deed or on a regular adventure map? I’ve reported a bug about beastmen appearing on Righteous Stand deed matches here:

I’d make another bug report if it’s not on a deed match, or if beastmen also appear in Screaming Bell.

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It was just anecdotal evidence of my friends saying they appear in that one section and seeing it happen myself. No deeds involved, just twitch.

I’ll need to check it more accurately (i’ve been doing QPs so it’s not an immediate check). On the top of my mind: it might be it was a deed bug, as I’m doing mostly deeds if I can. As for Screaming Bell, it’s likely it wasn’t a deed, as I was trying to get the cata challenge by soloing the custom map with bots.
I’ll get back to you if I get those maps this week.