Beastmen in BtU Maps

Hello again!
It seems that illusions of Ubersreik turned into beastmen only territory.
I’ve been getting these maps for a while and quite often there are no other roaming enemies but beastmen fron the start to the very end.
Still not entirely sure if it’s a bug or a feature though. Are they really supposed to be there?
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play BtU maps with WoM DLC turned on.
  2. Be lucky.

I didn’t record any videos this time, but here are two screenshot of Garden of Morr.
Till the very portal we’ve been pursued by gors, ungor and wargors. And assassins too.


It’s a bug. They thought they fixed it, but they didn’t.


Currently, beastmen will still spawn in maps set in Ubersreik or Bogenhafen even if both are cities or human settlements.

Even if the Back to Ubersreik maps are supposed to be an illusion, the illusion still has to make sense. And Olesya only acknowledges the presence of the “Pactsworn” in the BtU maps. Beastmen were never part of the Skaven-Chaos Northmen pact.

There was a supposed bug fix that removes them in Bogenhafen maps but it didn’t work or the fix was not applied correctly:


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