Beastmen and "normal" map

I’m sorry but maybe i didn’t understand one thing.
I pre-purchased WoM and i noticed the beastmen are only in the specific mission of WoM (sorry don’t remember the name) and they don’t appear in to the vanilla maps. Am i misunderstood something? It is intentional? They appears only in cata?

Um, they should be on all maps besides exclusive maps like Into The Nest, which is skaven only. At least from what I understand. Although, you could just be getting unlucky with RNG?

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Btw, did you host games, or it was someone else hosting? I’m pretty sure host need to have WoM pre-purchased to be able to spawn Beastman in vanilla maps.

I’'ve hosted 2 games: Halescourge, Skittergate. The other maps i wasn’t the host.
Those 2 maps are considering “exclusive maps”?

edit: 3 games sorry, even War camp

I am fairly sure Skittergate and War Camp has pretty much only chaos enemies (aside from beginning of the skittergate which is skaven only). No idea about halescourge.

You could try for example Athel Yenlui, that map should have some beastmen there. (Haven’t played this version yet, just basing it on the previous beta)

did you beat Dark omens? beating that level might activate them in the other levels…
just a guess tho.

I think you got the point. After work i’m trying to beat dark omens.

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