Beastmen chance on maps is back to being too high

So i dont know if the nerf to beastmen showing up was reverted on purpose or not but they are back to being everywhere. If someone wants to check at FS, just launch a few Halescourges, garden of moor, or horn of magnus… those feel like 100% chance of beastmen, start to finish

If we’re quoting anecdotal evidence, I think we might be seeing polar opposites: beastmen hardly ever appear on a map and, if they do, they’re usually only present for a smaller part of it. As a matter of fact, I think I kill 10-20 pactsworn for every 1 beastman I see.

Everyone might see a slightly different experience, though, which is okay!


It’s just specific maps. Halescourge always had the most beastmen presence


I do not think i´ve seen any beastmen for any of my last few runs except on dark omens which,probably does not count.

And those runs include Halescourge, horn of magnus among others.


Dark Omens is always the highest Beastmen turnout for me :wink:

Yeah, there are terrain based higher-turnouts for them, but even so I see them half-less and half as much as they deserve.

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Beasatmen is whenever they shows up then you gonna have it all time (and 95% only beastmen), its somewhat bugged.

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