Please Please Please Fix enemy spawns ASAP

To me right now the game feels mostly pretty good. However, enemy spawn locations are really really hurting the experience. At least once a match I have large groups of enemies spawn extremely close, sometimes even in line of sight, and sadly still sometimes silent (or at least unreasonably quiet, and yes I’ve updated to 2.0.10).

I also can’t count the number of times a packmaster has spawned seemingly immediately round a corner from me or a team mate, whipped round the corner and grabbed them, THEN we get the call out or jingling bells sounds. It’s not only extremely frustrating and unfair, it’s also very immersion breaking.

I know this has been talked about before, but I haven’t seen any mention of it as a priority for bug fixes, and frankly, we’ve been extremely patient with the pace of bug fixes. 2.0 was a good while ago and having big issues like this still here is extremely concerning. I really hope this is a priority over season 2 content at the moment. If anything drives me away from the game at this point it’ll be bugs like this. At least please tell us if it’s a priority.


Iʻve had instances where the entire horde spawns within sight only like 10-20 or so feet behind us. Itʻs very strange watching a whole blob of enemies standing still then suddenly attacking at once.

In some cases the horde spawns up on cliffs in clear sight as well. Iʻve even had chaos warriors and maulers spawn (or disappear) only a few feet in front of me. The spawners are pretty bad and ruin immersion right now.


About packmasters. There’s a way to make this situation less frustrating. They often times spawn close, but out of sight. They spawn somewhere above or beneath you, jump/climb on ypur head and immediately grab. What can fix this is adding sound to their jump/climb animation. That would fix 90% of silent grabs

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Looking back at the last few patches, I sure hope they don’t think that they can afford to wait until S2 to fix this and the other gameplay issues…

True, this is a big problem that must be fixed.

On this note, since fixing spawns seems to be taking its sweet time, maybe an intermediate fix would be to have a short range sound that’s generated upon enemies spawning. At least that horde that spawned behind you would announce their presence before stabbing you in the back this way!

Yeah, how about these:

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